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On Sunday (September 10, 2017, at: 5:00 pm Mountain Time) Pastor Butch Paugh, (of: GCN Radio Network’s: “Call to Decision” radio show) interviewed Team Law’s Trustee. We will publish that interview on our Online Audio page once it goes through editing to remove the commercial breaks.

We hold a Free Conference Call every: Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning from:
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Call: (857) 232-0158; use the Conference Access Code: 110045.

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by Jerriah
Saturday April 23rd, 2011 12:02 am MDT
Forum: Elections
Topic: Voting in Corp. U.S./State Elections
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Re: Voting in Corp. U.S./State Elections

Mainly Because of third party information ive received and my understanding and reseach in the context of that information [Relating to a voters relationship with Corp. U.S.] A little over a year ago i mailed a request to my local board of elections and ask them to unregister me. To which they sent ...

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