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Training Materials

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Training Materials

Postby Admin » Sunday March 9th, 2008 9:39 am MDT

:h: Everyone:
We are providing this post because from time to time we get calls regarding particular audio or video recordings and/or training albums provided on Team Law’s Order Form. The questions either ask what the particular training covers or they are from people that have received a recording, have listened to it repeatedly and now profess that they are “ready” to follow some pattern shown in the recording. However, the only thing any of our recorded materials provide as a pattern to be followed is: “Study and learn the law from its source so you can learn how to follow and/or apply the law.”

Sometimes the people have already listened to the training materials and called say something like, “I have listened to the tax eliminator tape several times and I am now ready to file a Form 1041 (or a Form 2555) and I want you to review it.”

Though such document reviews are possible, our response to such an inquiry remains invariable: “Why would you want to do that?” Such callers often seem dumbfounded by that response.
They react: “Well that’s what the tape says to do.”
We respond: “No it isn’t.” Again, they seem dumbfounded.
We continue: “Didn’t we say, "Don’t believe what we or anyone else tells you; rather, do your own research."”
They answer: “Yes.”
We ask: “Did you do the requisite research—did you study the tax code for yourself?”
They answer: “Well uh, no, I didn’t.”
We respond: “You may remember, we said that was the main problem with people today, they rely on third party information and do not study our history and our laws for themselves through their own first hand research. Though the recorded materials may relate a story where others were successful in getting funds returned after filing a particular form, it is likely that their circumstances were different from yours. Those that filed the forms 2555 or 1041 did so based upon information they received from the IRS; not on information they obtained through their study of the law. Thus, we would never do what they did without first confirming such actions in the law. Even then, we would first confirm such an action by securing a reliance defense (written confirmation from an attorney) before so acting.”

You see, all of the Team Law training materials take the student through the process of the Standard for Review, focused on a particular subject matter. The student follows the review to discover what one person or another did to resolve a particular problem they faced. Though all of the solutions worked for the person and in the situation reviewed, the principle being taught is not their specific solution; rather, it is the pattern of discovery presented (the Standard for Review); which will always reveal the truth about any relationship or cause.

Thus, each of our training materials presents the method of discovering the solution to the problem reviewed and regardless of whether the particular details of a situation reviewed are identical to yours or not, your solution is to follow the pattern of review (the Standard for Review) to discover the law, and through it, your solution, not necessarily the solution the person used in the example presented.

For a specific example of what this means, let’s focus on the issues of IRS collected taxes as presented in some of our training materials. As noted above, some people call and say something like, “I have listened to the tax eliminator tape several times and I am now ready to file a Form 1041 (or a Form 2555) and I want you to review it.” After giving the response shown above, we look at the details of the situation the caller is facing and we review it as if we were facing such a situation ourselves. Accordingly, we follow the presentation from the recording; which leads us to the research model expressed in the Standard for Review; following that we discover the caller is dealing with a Social Security Administration created trust with its exclusively definitive Taxpayer Identification Number. Once the parties are so identified, and the historical environment of the relationship is understood, we look to the specific terms and conditions of the relationship and we find popular implications indicate a tax may be owed; thus, we turn to the tax code. This requires that we study the tax code to discover where it dictates the relationship’s responsibilities; and, due to the apparent incomprehensibility of the tax code, that is where the whole matter begins to unravel.

In the examples given in the tax related recordings, the person being reviewed did not study the tax code until they found an applicable law that imposed a tax; rather, they took the short cut and went to IRS to seek help to discover either what form they were to file (to which IRS responded, “The Form 1041”) or what code authorized the tax (to which IRS responded, “Title 26 § 1.1-1”, which led to the pre 1998 CFR table specified Form 2555). In either case, the taxpayer failed to first study the code with its source law and the short cut led them to those forms; which IRS honored by returning the overpaid taxes; thus, though those parties so reviewed were successful with their process, they failed to follow the necessary research to its end and discover the proper course of action.

So, where do the Standard for Review and the training materials direct students? They say, “You must know your own nature and the capacity you serve in any relationship and you must do your own research of the actual facts, history and law related to the relationship.” Thus, they present the method for making such reviews and the respective discoveries that will help anyone that follows the same discover the correct remedy for their unique situation.

That means that if a student of our training materials was to follow what we presented they would not take such short cuts and rely on the IRS to tell them what they should do; rather, they would study the tax code with its source law to discover what the law says regarding their situation. The problem with such a study is, we have never found anyone that can find such a law either in the tax code or in its source law. Our experience shows, everyone that studies the tax code finds it incomprehensible to that end. Thus, that study is often short lived. Still, we prod and push our students to study not just the tax code but also its source law and take notes, recording all of their questions to log any learning or incomprehensibility; so, they have the evidence of their own experience to carry them through the next steps of attempting to resolve the confusion of the apparently missing law. To delve into those steps here would take us far beyond what we can share with those that are not Team Law beneficiaries; so, in this Open Forum post we will have to stop with that review here; and again note:
  1. The training materials do not admonish people to file any specific forms or follow any specific process other than the Standard for Review;
  2. The training materials are designed specifically to show people how to study the facts and the law, with its history, to learn the truth and to learn how to find the same in any situation.
The bottom line: as is the purpose of all Team Law training materials/recordings is help people learn to educate themselves; so that, they can learn to know the truth from their own hands-on firsthand experience; so that, they will truly be free and need no other person (not Team Law, not anyone) to tell them what the law is, how it works or how it applies to them. In other words, all of our services and training materials are designed to help the people educate themselves; so that, they can fulfill their active role as the sovereign people they are; giving them the power to control their government; rather than, being controlled by it or by its assigns.

For the reasons expressed above and the fact that in spite of this warning some people still insist on acting as if filing forms like Form 1041 might be a good idea, we are marking all recordings that may reference such a form as: “Outdated”. We would have removed those materials completely except for the fact that so many people have asked us to continue to have those materials available for a while because they were of so much help to them. Again, those recordings were never intended to provide support for filing any particular form; rather, they are intended to provide people with help in realizing the importance of first learning the law and only then applying the same.

A final note of warning: even after a taxpayer was informed by the IRS that it should file a Form 1041 for its tax returns and that taxpayer successfully filled those forms for seven years as per that recommendation (getting all of the overpaid taxes returned), the United States Government later prosecuted the man for his participation with that taxpayer convicting that man for his involvement in filing those forms. The atrocities of that case were incredible; nonetheless, it happened. Thus, it should be all too clear that the IRS telling a party to file a particular form is not enough of a cause for so filing the same. The requirement that tax returns must be filed under the penalty of perjury should be sufficient cause for every party intending on filing such a form must first know the law that imposes the respective tax; and, that the form in question is called out either in the law or in the code as the proper form for using as a tax return for that taxpayer. If the taxpayer cannot find such a law and its respective form, then how can they sign the required perjury statement? Thus, the only remedy is what those recordings express, learn the law and then apply it. Nonetheless, after a short period of time, we will be removing those recordings; so, people will no longer have the story of those that were once upon a time successful taking such shortcuts. Hopefully, people will continue to learn the importance of learning the law before attempting to apply the same.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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