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The Law, Lawyers and Our current system

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The Law, Lawyers and Our current system

Postby Eidolon » Saturday March 17th, 2012 12:40 pm MDT

The law. It's made up of words, each with their own developed definition. Developed by centuries of debate. Billions of people are oppressed by it. Millions practice its application; many times compromising Truth, Values, Morals, and Ethics, to accomplish an outcome. It seems law has been perverted, manipulated, exploited and forced upon the masses by the few who write it, practice it and enforce it; all in the name of greed and lust. Greed for money and Lust for power. In some respects it also provides those involved in is proliferation with considerable freedom.

It all makes me appreciate the efforts of our early American leaders to Amend the Constitution with the original 13th Amendment. TONA. Titles of Nobility Act.
For me, the act would have been an effort to guarantee average laymen the liberties of a system based mostly on Common Law, and assist in maintaining our freedom from oppressive banking practices. For me, it seems we are living thru the results of the TONA being cast into the shadows by the war of 1812, unenforced. We are subject to millions of pages of technical laws and statutes. At the mecry of the corrupt and litigious judicial system; and the lawyers who charge $300 per hour. Every time you try to state your case, every word you use is scrutinized and corrected, ultimately resulting in a lesson on how uneducated you are and how you are using the incorrect words. Perfect example: Legal vs Lawful. Haha. 96% of Americans mean the same thing when the say illegal. Use the word in the company of a lawyer and you'll be schooled on the correct usage of it, never getting your point across or an answer to your question.

We are held hostage by the techincalities of "Legal Language Definititons". Ultimately resulting in undefendable charges against you unless you can afford tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for an attorney. We live in a world of laws written by lawyers, and for lawyers. Job security. Furthermore, these lawyers have written laws so that very few people other than lawyers ever make it into the Supreme Court, Congress or the Presidency. We are ruled by lawyers. A breed of people groomed to bend their values, morals, ethics to fit their own needs. Some call them dishonest. Others have more colorful names for them. Few have much respect for the profession. Why? Because most of us have been ripped off, lied to, or betrayed by them. Take Note, I am not alone in my feelings. I can go and read all the myths or seductions, or 101's, however, it is what it is. If county, state, fed, or the banks want your property, or if the cops want to black bag you, shoot you, rob you etc., they will do it and there aint a thing your going to do about it, except try and pick up the pieces afterward, and make some lawyer rich in your fight for "justice." This nation has been hi-jacked by foreign banks. The agents of the banks, by definition, are attorneys or esquires, also known as a "title of nobility." Look it up. Who writes our laws and policies? Attorneys. Are we oppressed? Are we declining as a once powerful nation? I know I wouldn't enforce policies upon this nation that have resulted in our GDP being exported overseas. Our biggest industry in America is either Illness/Pharma/Health Insurance or Laws/Police/Prisons. Amerika has more illness and more people in prison than any developed nation. It is the lawyers who are responsible for steering our nation towards this hell. Most of our lawmakers are attorneys or esquires with rotten black souls.

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Re: The Law, Lawyers and Our current system

Postby Admin » Monday March 19th, 2012 1:15 pm MDT

:h: Eidolon:
For those that either are not State BAR approved attorneys or otherwise have exquisite training to function in the judicial system today, understanding of the judicial system will seem quite a foreign place from what one might expect; add to that, the ignorance and prejudices that often plague the legal industry and focus the courts against the common people that find themselves stuck in any situation that might leave them with no recourse but to use the courts in an attempt to secure justice; and, you are left with an easy set of conclusions that promote a need for venting frustration with the modern American justice system. We have heard many practicing attorneys express the same frustration you expressed in your post. Attorneys at all levels of practice in the judicial system (some, like Gerry Spence now retired from practice, have been the most revered and successful of all attorneys (never losing a case); some were the least successful and unknown litigators) so express their frustrations similarly to your post; nonetheless, they too recognize the limitations for using that system are rooted in the ignorance and apathy of the people.

We too appreciate the efforts the founding fathers of our nation (and those that followed them) made when they placed the Thirteenth Amendment in the Constitution of the United States of America. However, we would correct your usage of the word “original” with reference to that Article of Amendment; not because the usage is not correct; but, because the usage implies there was a subsequent 13th article that followed the “original”. To that element of that usage we object; for, our (the Nation’s) Constitution of the United States of America still has only 16 articles of amendment. Corp. U.S. was initially formed in 1871 with its own constitution, which is commonly known as the: “United States Constitution”, which begins exactly like the nation’s constitution until it gets to its 13 amendment and after omitting what you referred to as “the original 13th Amendment” continues with the Constitution of the United States of America’s 14th and 15th articles renumbered as the United States Constitution’s 13th and 14th articles of amendment then continues to their 27th amendment. Thus, though the Constitution of the United States of America to this day still contains the only 13th Article of Amendment it ever had (which you referred to as TONA), in 1871 Corp. U.S. form its constitution omitting that Amendment; thus, some people errantly forget about the actual Constitution of the United States of America and refer to the United States Constitution and its amendments as if they were the same instruments.

We also agree that if the people would have maintained their responsibility to control the government in accord with the simple things like the Constitution (and its limitations against titles of nobility) we would not be facing a judicial system that so often seems the opposite of a system of justice.
On the Team Law’s home page we wrote:On September 18, 1787, as Benjamin Franklin emerged from the meeting, at the close of the Convention in Philadelphia where our Constitutional Republic was formed, Mrs. Powell directly asked him: “Well, Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?” Mr. Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”
His response has never been more important than today.
Can we keep it?

Of course, that depends on us. We can if we are willing to learn how our Republic works by learning our history and the law. Benjamin Franklin’s response was directed to us; we can only keep it if we learn the law and how to apply it. That is the only way to keep our Constitutional Republic. Today, our Constitution is hanging by a thread. The time has come when we have no other choice, we must learn the law and how to apply it or we will surely lose it all. Team Law has proven that learning the law is way easier than most people think. That is exactly why Team Law was formed, to help people easily learn the law and how to apply it to save our Constitutional Republic. To that end, we do everything we do.

Respectively, we welcome all that desire to help us both awaken the nation to the necessity for learning the law and applying it to save our Constitutional Republic.

Beyond your righteous indignation regarding the status of the justice system available to us today, your post implies that there are not remedies in that system absent hiring expensive attorneys. The reality with that allegation is bolstered by the fact that professional attorneys are professionals; meaning that, they most often hold their professional expertise as something they know and you cannot know; correctly believing that if they share what they know with you, you will not need them anymore. Again, they are correct in that belief. Thus, again, the remedy to the high cost of litigation is often, learn the law firsthand then apply it. Far too many cases exist, where people prevailed in absent representation by counsel, to reasonably imagine that anyone with a willingness to learn the law firsthand could not also prevail.

Thus, regardless of how bad the legal/justice system is/seems today, regardless of who is a fault of that effect, the remedy remains—learn the law and apply it. Ignorance of the law, and of its practical application, remain the cause for effect you vented in your post. Thus, the remedy is learn the law and apply it.

Respectively, Team Law remains the remedy. The only real remedy available to us is for each of the people to repent of their ignorance; that is to learn the law. Given the facts that:
  1. The source for all authority in government is the people;
  2. Even as Benjamin Franklin reminded us, we are responsible for making sure that the government properly and lawfully applies the authority we gave them;
  3. We cannot exercise that responsibility without actually learning the law;
  4. We cannot apply the law if we do not know what it is;
Therefore, we must learn the law and if we are remedy the situation you complained of, we will not be able to do that by hiring attorneys to apply the law; we must learn and apply it ourselves.

Again, Team Law can help. In fact that is the very reason Team Law exists—we help people learn how to learn the law firsthand; so, they can learn how to apply the law whenever necessary.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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