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satisfy the mortgage

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satisfy the mortgage

Postby Billyboy77 » Tuesday June 5th, 2012 9:33 am MDT

dear sir i am presently in the foreclosure process and i am wondering which route to go. my home is in minnesota and i am wondering if the conventional court system or due process of common law is the route to go. any input? sheriff sale aug 15th, bill

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Site Admin
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Re: satisfy the mortgage

Postby Admin » Saturday June 9th, 2012 8:11 am MDT

:h: Billyboy77:
Though your inquiry is quite personal and accordingly should have been posted as a private message to Admin (see: Rule 11), it also comes at a time when Team Law is in the process of shifting our focus to tap in on far more powerful motivational causes for people learning the law. Your situation is both similar to those that have brought other people to Team Law in the past (they had legal problems) and perfect for the new Success Network that will continue to drive people to us in the future. However, the Success Network is the far more effective way to resolve the situation you expressed.

Through the new Success Network you will be able to restore the successes necessary to resolve the financial situation you are in that likely caused the foreclosure process to begin in the first place. Yet another avenue of success that is all too apparent to you right now is, you need to learn the law so you can learn how to apply it in your current situation. Both of those services are now available through the Success Network; however, the latter (learning how to learn the law through Team Law beneficiary support), will continue to require participation as a Team Law beneficiary.

Still, even before you become a Team Law beneficiary, anyone can access the full benefits of our Network Services at no cost beyond the work necessary to complete some simple qualifications (and you will most likely want to buy a book instead of trying to check it out from a library).

More to the point of directly responding to your questions, please note:
We expect you have little real choice in the matter regarding adjudicating the foreclosure. We expect what you mean by “the conventional court system” is the “courts of the State of Minnesota” and/or possibly the “United States Courts”; however, we have no idea what you mean by suggesting “due process of common law” as something other than the formerly mentioned “conventional court system.”

You see, “common law” simply means: “the law that is common among the people”; and, when it comes to contesting a foreclosure, the law that is common among the people is to fight it in the courts of the State. Thus, “due process of common law” is just that; to fight the case in the courts.

Of course, there are some ignorant so called “patriot” protestors that believe that if they remain ignorant of the law that they can somehow preserve their rights by listening to, or following, predatory marketers marketing their wares all over the internet. Such a pursuit makes absolutely no sense!

In most cases, foreclosures are actually quite a simple matter:
  1. A Borrower and a Lender agree to terms under which a property is acquired by the borrower and a Security for the debt is acquired by the lender;
  2. Payments are made in accord with the terms of a Mortgage;
  3. For some reason the Borrower fails to make expected payments in accord with the terms of the Mortgage; which damages the value of said Security;
  4. Therefore, in accord with both the terms of the Mortgage and the laws of the State the Lender brings a foreclosure action.
Thus, in all such causes of action, your choice of actions was agreed upon in the original mortgage agreement. Thus, common law has little to do with the matter because the terms of the agreement already called for the remedy for relief in the Mortgage Contract.

Of course, if there is a way out of that process it must be found in the laws that control such matters in the venue defined in the terms of the contract (thus, the laws of the State and or any potentially controlling federal laws). There is no other common law remedy.

Thus, given the fact that you already have a Sheriff’s Sale date, we expect the time for any potential court procedure has already passed without your having raised an effective challenge. Therefore, the most likely best remedy for the situation you described would be find the funds necessary to preserve the mortgage. Though there are no guarantees (your success is based on your willingness to learn and apply the possibilities), the Success Network sounds like your best bet for securing such a success. We know of people that applied themselves accordingly and generated over a million dollars in less than one year—can you generate the funds you need in time? We cannot say, but two things are certain:
  1. It is possible; and,
  2. It is clearly up to you.
Believe it; or, not!

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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