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Cycle of the Body Politic—

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Cycle of the Body Politic—

Postby Geibes » Friday November 4th, 2005 8:29 pm MST

“The history of nations shows that the cycle of the body politic slowly but surely undergoes change . . .

It progresses –
From bondage to spiritual faith
From spiritual faith to courage
From courage to freedom
From freedom to abundance
From abundance to selfishness
From selfishness to complacency
From complacency to apathy
From apathy to fear
From fear to dependency
From dependency to bondage.”

I've heard this attributed to Benjamin Disraeli and to William Tyler. Haven't been able to verify either but the words still ring true.
Education is bliss!

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Site Admin
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Re: Cycle of the Body Politic

Postby Admin » Tuesday August 7th, 2007 8:56 am MDT

:h: Geibes:
We disagree with the author’s placement of bondage at the beginning of the cycle, actually making it the ‘Cycle of Bondage’, because it presupposes bondage as the cycle’s beginning point, which is impossible—bondage presupposes an initial governing force over man; and, man came before any form of government; in fact, man is the obvious author of government.

You may notice Team Law consistently unravels what seems to be a mystery to others; it’s because, we always follow our Standard for Review to understand any relationship we review; this is no exception. Thus, especially in this case, we must review man’s origin. In Public Law 97-280, Corp. U.S. acknowledges the Bible as the word of God and admonishes all Americans to learn and apply it. From the foundation of the United States of America, the Bible has been recognized as the foundational basis of law. For us personally the Bible needs no such introduction, we use it daily not only as the oldest source of Law but also as an inspired study guide and resource for the truth. It confirms, the first man, Adam, was created in the image of God and given dominion, agency and possession of the earth. These three elements (dominion, agency and possession) define sovereignty. Thus, man from that point of time on was sovereign and without any external form of government. Even those that ignore the Bible and allege man came from evolution must agree man existed before government. Thus, all governmental authority to form government must come first from the individual people that formed the government, proving our point—“man is the author of government.”

Regarding said, ‘Cycle of Bondage’, we are not as concerned with the general cycle as it has been followed; rather, having no desire for bondage, we are more interested in the potential for changing such things. Thus, let’s first restructure the cycle and acknowledge that when man first entered the scene he was free; therefore, if we restructure this historical cycle with “Freedom” as its starting point we may get a brighter view of things:
    The Cycle of Freedom
      People progress:
        From freedom to abundance;
        From abundance to selfishness;
        From selfishness to complacency;
        From complacency to apathy;
        From apathy to fear;
        From fear to dependency;
        From dependency to bondage;
        From bondage to spiritual faith;
        From spiritual faith to courage;
        From courage to freedom.
Already, we can see the cycle has changed into the natural ‘Cycle of Freedom’, which seems to improve our outlook, but still follows the natural trend all the way through the destructive part of the cycle. We recognize these cycles have historically repeated themselves, but we also recognize critical elements that naturally cause their repetition; instead of purposefully following a better path with no destructive phase.* Thus, we look at history and wonder two things:
  1. What are the historical elements that push the cycle towards its destructive side; and, can we avoid them?
  2. Are there any evidences of people breaking out of the cycle; and, can we emulate them?
Freedom and Bondage are the turning points so let’s look at them first: Bondage is the state of being bound by an external force to the absence of Liberty; it is the most destructive part of the cycle, therefore it is also the turning point. The only good thing about it is, the forward thinking person, can recognize bondage as the condition that will absolutely cause the people to awaken to their awful state and cause them to look towards their only hope of salvation, which they find in ‘spiritual faith’; which is the first step out of bondage. It turns people away from selfishness and towards the courage to stand up against bondage in support of the God given inherent rights they remembered from gaining spiritual faith. Ultimately, their faithful acts of courage secure their Freedom for at least that generation because they remain faithfully courageous. Because they are free, they prosper; their children prosper too, but they did not have to fight for their freedom; they simply enjoy the abundance their faithful parents lives provide for them and they begin to become selfish and the cycles continue. Perhaps we can learn from history and stop the cycle towards destruction.

The Puritans found themselves threatened with bondage under the dictates of the king and his Church of England; so, they exercised their Liberty and left England for Holland. That solution solved their immediate problem and the Dutch people were glad to have these industrious faithful people. Then, because every attempt to colonize America miserably failed, in an effort to get people to go to America, the King of England offered to give the Land, as private Land (along with all of its appurtenances), to anyone that would go there and colonize it. The Puritans decided to move back to England to accept the king’s offer. The negotiations took about seven years, but the king did finally freely grant (made patent) the Land, with its appurtenances, to the people—he also charged them 50% of their production from the Land as the price for conveying them to their new Land. The deal was cast and the Puritans came and settled. At last, they were free; for they knew, “truly no man is free until he owns his own Land”. They were fully recognized as a free and independent people, with the full right of self-government, which they used to form a government. The problem was their only experience with such things was living under the monarchies of Europe. True freedom was a new thing to them. They had not the experience to completely understand the five basic eternal principals of just government:
  1. The Principal of Agency—government must recognize man’s right to choose his own course.
  2. The Proper Role of Government—government must secure the rights and freedom of the individual citizens.
  3. The Source of Human Rights—Human Rights are God given and inherent.
  4. People are Superior to Governments—People created government to serve the people.
  5. Governments must Have Limited Powers—The people that created government can give it only such power as they, themselves, have. The creature cannot exceed its creator.
And, their freedom was tainted by their debt to the British King. So, as the new “Americans” experimented with different forms of local government and even with state governments to better control and unify themselves into larger nation states, their debts were paid off but they continually reached into that same pot and generated more debt, such that Great Britain continued to control their trade. Still, with their Freedom born on the back of their faithful courage they prospered, as did the King of Great Britain. When the French American War began, Great Britain came to the aid of the new country and helped the people win that war; but when it was over, Great Britain would not leave and instead began legislating British suppression and rule over the people. Great Britain never had lawful authority to rule this country; their King was never the King here.

Notice, just prior to the War of Independence, all of the steps of the cycle between Freedom and Bondage were in place right up through dependency on Great Britain; but, the people stopped there still having enough spiritual faith and courage to forget their selfishness and stand together for one another with the faith and courage necessary to fight for their freedom, before they were forced to submit completely to the bondage. They thus drafted the Declaration of Independence and in it announced each of those five eternal principals of just government along with the necessity of parting their way with Great Britain. No one can contest that war, against the then recognized most powerful military force on the planet, was won with the divine help of our Creator; whose help continued on to guide the minds and hands of the founding fathers who collectively wrote and instituted the Constitutions for and of the United States of America. Never have such documents existed in the annals of time before or since. We honor them. We honor both the documents and those that gave their lives to make them possible. We also honor those who were so inspired to form our Constitutional Republic.

Today, we are faced with a similar situation; the people have contracted themselves into bondage with Corp. U.S. Its history, as presented in the media and taught in its schools, alleges the public debt is bound against the goods, assets and abilities of the American people. Its taxation system is implemented by ignorance, fear and innuendo, even though no one can understand the tax code that supposedly requires its compliance. It is impossible to comply with that which cannot be understood; thus, we cannot understand how anyone can comply, or be compelled to comply, with it. However, we are certain most Americans and their respective businesses, perform their presupposed “duty” and pay what they believe is their fair share, without ever reading a single word of the tax code.

Today, we also see large-scale media events publicizing terrorist attacks against the masses. Events like the Alfred P. Murah Federal Building’s destruction, the car bomb attack on the World Trade Center, then the September 11, 2001 attacks using airliners. All of these incidents raised questions that cannot be answered without wondering what Corp. U.S. had to do with the events. They certainly must be involved in the cover-up. But when these questions come up, the people ask, “Why would the government do something like this?”

The simple answer to that question is, look at world history again and notice all of the steps of the totalitarian government takeover model for a great nation are in place except the last one—cause the people to rebel. The step before that was, ‘cause unified national government control of local and State police systems’, which came with the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. and Homeland Security Acts as a direct result of the attack on the Pentagon.

Nikita Khrushchev said:
You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like over-ripe fruit into our hands.

A look at Myth 22 shows the people, in their situational ignorance, have already stopped acting for themselves; they cannot distinguish themselves from the trusts the Social Security Administration created as respective agencies for Corp. U.S.; used to secure Corp. U.S.’ equitable ownership of virtually all private property in the United States.

To close the door on our Liberty, all they need to do is force a mandatory identification system on the people. George Bush signed the law to do just that last year. The program for mandatory implementation begins in 2008, but most of the States have passed laws against its implementation. Montana even made its implementation a crime. Each of these Acts (and the wars), passed as a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorists acts, are unconstitutional; yet they were passed, as if lawful, due to the emergency status we stand in today.

To countermand the two forces that stand against the national Identification System (the patriot movement and the State Legislatures), Corp. U.S. has started a new campaign to bring along those groups support. The new campaign is totally supported by those two groups. The new campaign is against the illegal immigrant. You see, the solution to the illegal immigrant problem is, better protect the borders and give all immigrants a national identification card (numbering them, of course). All of the immigration control supporters are happy to see anything focused on the hyped up problem; but the problem remains, numbering the legal immigrants does not provide for distinguishing the illegal immigrants from the naturally born free Citizens of the United States of America. Thus, the resolution to that dilemma is number the free Citizens as Corp. U.S. citizens; then when the Homeland Security Police demand, “Show me your papers.” Everyone will have to comply; and, amen to Privacy and Liberty. Is Liberty really a small price to pay to stop illegal immigrants from coming into this country, especially if you consider the immigration laws already in effect 20 years ago work fine if they are only enforced? The problem is not new and the old solution will only work if it is enforced; but, it is purposefully not enforced to drum up an apparently real situation people will willfully (but ignorantly) get caught waving their Liberty for. We cannot allow it. Because you are informed by this article, you must warn your neighbor!

Note, those early Americans avoided the absolute bondage waiting for them in the historical cycle because they remembered their spiritual faithfulness, which inspired their courage in time; and, the most destructive step in the cycle of bondage was avoided. In fact, there are many such historical examples of steps in the cycle being avoided. Each time, the two things that cause the avoidance are eliminating selfishness and maintaining or turning towards spiritual faith.

* We notice the point where the cycle turns destructive is ‘Selfishness’. Thus, if we avoid or eliminate selfishness the cycle stops so a different trend can begin—one where Abundance turns to ‘Charity’, the fullness of which is known as, the pure love of Christ. Thus, the cycle changes to a scripturally described path:
    From freedom to abundance;
    From abundance to charity;
    From charity to love;
    From love to Eternal Life.
This is the path taught by Jesus Christ. This is the path for which He gave His life.

Certainly, there are many examples from the greatest Teacher the earth has known, preserved in scripture. We would do well in our time to return to his teachings. He teaches people how to build and maintain faith. He teaches selflessness. The Way of Kings™ can help with that, the business systems they generate are founded on our covenants with God; using such systems promotes selflessness and magnifies abundance.

Moses gives inkling to one of the most incredible stories of all time, the story of the Prophet Enoch (Henoch).
Moses wrote:And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years.
Moses wrote:And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.
Wow!!! But that is not the whole story.
The Apostle Paul wrote:By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God translated him: for before his translation he had his testimony, that he pleased God. But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
Imagine living so faithfully that you were privileged to literally walk and talk with God, live. There are very few records of anyone walking and talking with God, and no others say they did it for three hundred years! This man was incredible! Enoch was the seventh generation from Adam, born when Adam was 687 years old (middle age, for Adam). That means he knew Father Adam personally for 308 years; and, was likely, in that time, blessed and taught by him.

From the Book of Enoch we learn more of Enoch’s incredible life and teaching, which centered on the coming of a promised Messiah who would sacrifice His life for humankind; this should be no surprise, considering he walked with God. In fact, it tells the story of how wicked the people were getting all over the earth. Enoch spent a lot of time in the wilderness; he would stop by and teach in cities but could not bear the wickedness of the people for too long. So, he would come to a city, teach and then leave. There was one city in particular (apparently as bad as the rest) that believed him, repented and adopted his teachings. Eventually, with the repentance of the people, the city became so righteous that Enoch moved there, continued teaching and the people advanced incredibly. They changed the name of the city to Zion, otherwise known as, The City of Enoch. The story ends not only with Enoch being taken up by the Lord, but the whole City was translated!

Now, that is what we call breaking the Cycle of Bondage and truly discovering Freedom in the fullest sense of the word. Imagine what it would be like to live in such a city.

Some people challenge the Book of Enoch as “pseudepigrapha” (meaning writing under an assumed name, compiled long after the life of the supposed author), we expect the challenge is correct, especially considering anything actually written by Enoch may have had a hard time making it through the flood. Still, these books are extremely old, being handed down from around the time of Abraham. We also expect that, since Enoch was the famous great-grandfather of Noah, his being translated with his City would make anything he wrote carry a high priority for sacred care and handing down to posterity. Certainly, Enoch’s story and teachings made it through the flood with Noah. Then, Noah lived and taught 350 years after the flood certainly teaching his children and grandchildren. Noah’s most faithful child was Shem. Shem learned from his father for 450 years, and his son Arphaxad (born on the Arc) learned from them. Arphaxad lived 933 years; of which 148 were after Abraham his 6th-great grandson was born and 48 years were after Isaac was born. So, with a change of hands of only two generations from the origin, Enoch’s story and or writings could have easily made it through to the time of known records that have been discovered even in our time. Who is to know? In any event, the story is one I personally believe, it certainly passes the test of asking for the truth in prayer, with a sincere heart and real intent. And, for the intent of our looking to the past for an example of breaking the cycle of bondage, this one takes the cake—emulating the path from charity to Eternal Life.

Again, the key to breaking that cycle is, eliminate selfishness and stay steadfast in spiritual faithfulness; these two things eliminate the potential of becoming fearful if not complacent and apathetic. In fact, on the charity path maintains and magnifies everything we gain from spiritual faith, courage, freedom, abundance, charity and love on to Eternal Life. So, having discovered this path, the things we have to watch out for to avoid bondage are selfishness, complacency, apathy, fearfulness and dependency.

As we awaken to our status in the world today and we begin to discover the levels of bondage we are already in, we discover the main reason for that bondage is not the ignorant choices we and the American people made; rather, our bondage comes from choices we made under the deception of our own ignorance; made because of the complacency and apathy of the very society we live in. As we discover the truth, we realize what is going on and the forces that would have us in bondage are pleased that our realization freezes us with fear, due to the size of our opposition’s forces and our apparent dependency on them. Like our Constitutional Republic’s founding fathers, we find ourselves in the throws of voluntary contractual obligations that would snap us right into the absolute bondage of a totalitarian dictatorship that is fast approaching, if only they can cause the people to rebel.

That is exactly what the so-called “Tax honesty movement’s” leaders have been pushing for—rebellion. It also appears to be at the very core of the cause for the entire war on Terror. The thought of such things causes most people to turn away with fear and denial of the obvious facts expressed herein.

Again, our situation looks a lot like the situation the founding fathers were in but in our case, a war with conventional weapons of war is exactly what our opposition needs to secure us in the very bondage we want to avoid. Like those founding fathers, we must awaken to the impending danger. We must awaken ourselves and awaken our families, friends and neighbors. But in this war, we can only fight with weapons that will keep us out of all out physical war.

We must use weapons of law and spiritual faithfulness. We can hone those weapons by:
    First, strengthening our spiritual faith;
    That comes by remembering our heritage. We especially appreciate the story of Enoch because he was also one of our Great Grandfathers—each one of us can say that, no matter who you are. He taught the people about the path to Eternal Life by teaching them about Jesus Christ, the God who would come and sacrifice Himself for our sins and transgressions. The people of his City (Zion) followed his teachings and repented of their sins. They then continued in their studies and faithful living until they were translated with Enoch having found the path to Eternal Life. Their story helps strengthen our spiritual faithfulness. We have the advantage on them because we have their story, we know our Lord and Savior already came, died for us and prepared the path for us.
    The bottom line, we must understand our God lives and loves us and promised to fight our battles for us, if we will turn to him, repent of our sins and live faithfully.
    When we face the truth, it really is a simple thing.

    Second, where we entered into our contractual obligations without first studying the law related to the situation and ourselves, our repentance requires, we must first do what we were already obligated to do, that being, study our history and the law, at least as it relates to our contractual bondage.
    That is where Team Law comes in; we help people learn how properly to educate themselves in such matters.

    Third, the work we do to learn our history and the law will exemplify our faithfulness and expand it removing the fear we had when we first discovered our dilemma. That will start to rebuild our courage.
These three steps will start to turn the cycle of bondage into freedom. With spiritual faithfulness, we will be able to see the beginning from the end. It will give us hope where we had none. We will realize the eternal nature of this battle and that will help us eliminate selfishness. When you discover the true nature of the actual relationship you have with Corp. U.S. (that of a trust), it actually gives you the power to use that relationship to control Corp. U.S.; it also gives you the power to stay out of their control. Team Law can help you learn how. That understanding will help you understand how we can win this war by simply obeying the law and lawfully compelling those in the power of governance to do the same. The only way to loose this battle is to fail to stand and fight as shown above.

As you learn the right way, you may want to begin a relationship with The Way of Kings™. They can show you how to be more fruitful and better multiply, replenish and subdue the earth. Their systems secure your covenants with God and His Law as controlling law in all of your relationships, even with government.

Likely the most powerful effect of such study is, it will support your developing hope for our future, without which bondage is a certain end.

May we all work together with hope and develop the spiritual faithfulness necessary to inspire our study of law so we will be ready to win our country back.
As a first step, right now, stop
and, imagine us all working together to restore
our Constitutional Republic.

Then, notice what you have to do first
to make that happen.

If you know what to do—Do it!
If you do not know what to do contact us.

Do it now.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:

P.S. When we originally posted this message, response to it was slow on this forum so we forwarded it to The Way of Kings™ expecting the subject matter would strike them there with a little more enthusiasm; thus, we deleted the content of our response to this topical thread from our forum here and provided this link: Cycle of Freedom to that page on their forum. Due to subsequent responses and private message requests for its return we brought it back. We hope it is helpful to one and all.

We would like to hear from those that appreciated this response. We see the content of this post as a critical key to winning our nation back. That key being, ‘If we are to win we must have a positive vision of the future and our obligation to accomplish the task; considering the awesome task before us, one can also acknowledge we will only accomplish the task if we can inspire people to repent, get their lives in order and solicit the help of the King of Kings’. To that end we hope all who read this will do that and pray for God’s help.

We look forward to hearing from you all.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
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Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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Thomas Robert
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Re: Cycle of the Body Politic

Postby Thomas Robert » Tuesday August 7th, 2007 9:08 am MDT

Admin, Your response to the opening post was most enjoyable to read. You seem to have the thoughts to change a negitive into a positive in a most educating way. Although the first topic in this thread was not posted as a question your response was quite interesting. I have printed it out and have read it several times. It would be good to include it in a future issue of WARN.

Thomas Robert

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Postby Citizensoldier » Thursday August 9th, 2007 7:50 pm MDT

Although I did not reply to your response, admin, I greatly appreciated it. It not only provided a better understanding of what can be done to break the cycle, but gave me insight on how to review a subject or situation from a different light. In my opinion, I think that is the greatest gift you have shared - it never ceases to amaze me on your approach to reviewing a situation or subject and keeping it in perspective concerning the standard of review and ultimately with our purpose in this life.
I believe bringing it back can only be a positive.


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Site Admin
Site Admin
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Re: Cycle of the Body Politic

Postby Admin » Tuesday August 14th, 2007 7:26 am MDT

:h: Brent:
We appreciate your input. We also received a few more such comments; so, as promised, we brought our response back.

Sometimes we think people misunderstand our passion against process based testimonials thinking it applies to praise and thankfulness as well, which it does not. We always appreciate the expression of thankfulness for experiences with Team Law. Such thankfulness and praise is the best way for us to gauge our effectiveness. Thus, we thank you and all of those that participate with us for your input.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

As with all Forum posts, comments made by Admin are:
copyrighted—all rights reserved; and, provided here for educational purposes only.

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Re: Cycle of the Body Politic

Postby Tnias » Tuesday December 29th, 2009 11:59 pm MST

An off-point response was split from this topical thread and moved to a new topic titled: Subject: Peaceful Revolution.
"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom, and of our spouses, our children, and our peace."

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Re: Cycle of the Body Politic

Postby Cacaoshaman » Monday January 4th, 2010 9:33 pm MST

This is amazing. The concrete steps shown here are vital.
Thank you.
Per orbem; pax missa :: Peace sent, through the world

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