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Article V Convention—

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John de Herrera
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Article V Convention—

Postby John de Herrera » Monday August 24th, 2009 11:45 am MDT

With all the information on this site, the quotes, the concerns, shouldn't we recognize that our answer is found in the structural law of the U.S. Constitution?

Because all fifty states have applied for an Article V Convention isn't currently mandated by the Constitution?

Will you look into this?
Now it's all about raising awareness to a tipping-point majority of Americans, that it's our right to hold a convention when governance fails us, and/or when special interests wrest control away from us.

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Site Admin
Site Admin
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Re: Article V Convention

Postby Admin » Tuesday August 25th, 2009 9:51 am MDT

:h: John de Herrera:
First, for all readers we note, Admin edited the content of John de Herrera’s post (that started this topical thread) to remove unauthorized off-site links from that post. Our Forum Rules expressly forbid use of unauthorized off-site links from all posts on our Open Forum system. All users agree to abide by the rules when they register their usernames for access to our Open Forum system. Normally, we would not refer to such edits here; but, we will refer to one of those links in our response; so, we felt it was necessary to note that edit.

Now John, in response to your message we note:
The first link you posted provided a source for over 700 requests for an Article V Constitutional Convention; however, those requests were made over the span of nearly 200 years and not once in the period has there been a 2/3 majority of the States supporting any of those requests. In fact, most of those requests were supported by only one or two states at a time. Therefore, none of those requests complied with the Constitution’s requirement for a 2/3 majority of the States requesting such a convention.

As we understand it, there are several sources moving for such a convention at this time and we see the charges and elements for those charges as quite threatening for our Constitutional Republic; not because of the compliance with the law for such a convention’s formation, but because our Constitution does not need to be changed; instead it needs to be followed. Thus, the solution to the problems we face today is the people need to give up their apathy and learn the law; by learning the law they will learn how to use the law to control both our government and the organizations it has created.

The problem with holding such a Convention today (with a bunch of people that have no idea what our law is or how it works or how to use it to control both our government and the organizations it has created) is all you will get is a destructive Convention that will destroy our Constitutional Republic and respectively incite Civil War.

That is not the solution. What Team Law is already doing is the only solution that will save our nation, or at least it is the only viable solution we have heard of anyone presenting to that end. That solution is, the people must be awakened to the necessity of learning and applying our existing laws; we do all we can to inspire the people to that end.

Accordingly, we look forward to your continued support.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

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and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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John de Herrera
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Re: Article V Convention

Postby John de Herrera » Tuesday August 25th, 2009 11:35 am MDT

Admin wrote:All users agree to abide by these rules when they register their usernames for access to our Open Forum system....
I apologize for not being more thourough in the reading of site rules.

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Re: Article V Convention

Postby Infinitcell » Wednesday August 26th, 2009 2:59 am MDT

Dear John,
The entity that is commonly known as the "United States Government" which has 27 amendments to its adopted constitution is a private, foreign corporation. Perhaps you may benefit from a reading of the History of this Nation. It seems you are confusing the private foreign corporation, originally created in 1871, as our government. From there, it is easy to seek out the primary sources it references to see learn for oneself the truth of the matter. After having pursued such primary sources, I can confidently state that my government, which is the Constitutional Republic, with its 16 amendments, is vacant, save a good senator in Colorado and 43 governors of the 48 states. When we use the Standard for Review we can see who is acting in any relationship and better know what will be the actual effect of certain actions available to us. Perhaps you will enjoy this post.

We hope we've been helpful.


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