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How much is enough to own me?

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How much is enough to own me?

Postby Viviv » Saturday January 30th, 2010 5:51 am MST

I love learning but everythings proprietary or is connected to thinly sliced dead trees, which ,seem to have symbology,spells,and other hocus pocus attached that give them buying power.My knowledge(or lack thereof)has been aquired for free but Im ready to get serious and with my wifes tax return in the bank my buying ability may never be better.Wanting to be sure of my investments potential to effect my life in the best 600.00 dollar way possible I respectfully submit these questions,Thank you for any information you share and double for your time.

1)with Team Laws energies and my commitment, my knowledge of the law is razor-sharp and the 1st group of tyrants I want never to interact with again is the motor vehicle department in Az.Is it reasonable to assume that my donation,given to show my appreciation for the work you've done towards the reseatment of the Juice (oj gov)so as to dissolve public enemy # 1,uscorp, where the 1st order of business will be cessation of empirical military operations and serious damage control as it relates to war crimes done in our name.Specifically,mitigation of depleted uranium contamination,etc.(agree?)would open up possibiliies of ending my relationship w/state sponsored noses looking for those unneeded FRN's in my glovebox or ,in short I dont want any privelidges,does such a world exist and how does someone find the way in?After much toil and heartache to get there not being a party to this or because my mom did such and such so I am become an "it" while learning the law and how it will free non its only.

I know I'm cynical ,its really my pleasure to donate,pray and work to further your ends because the changes Im focused on will only affect me,wheras what team law is actually doing has the potential to rewrite the book .Unfortunately,The edge is approaching and change as incredible as team law can bring,(the miltary has publicly acknowledged the truth team law speaks) , o.j.president as commander-in-chief,death to the head of the serpent(uscorp)implementation of a system where positive doesnt manifest power with 2 negatives like the one stealing our lives.look at this forum and think of all the love,hurt,hope,facts and how that energy has prevented composition of poems,music etc. because as important as the law is ,most of us are trying to shed the problems ignorance of law allow to manifest.An unlearned exploiter is best public sector job title ever coined and were the unlearned.

When the change in the world team law could bring ,and the importance to all humanity stopping the military of uscorp would be very high on my list because what other path or endeavor could work short of ww3?Ive been known to suffer from delusions of grandeur in the past and if the potential for change available team law and its one human giving the sole then giving a more moderate importance to team laws actions and inactions will be short order and knowing the pointed and completely accurate tongue lashing ill get I suggest that nothing short of recognition by our Father to what team law achieves if they achieve it and no matter what may be,Its my position that once every knee has bowed and every tongue confessed,a legal fiction or the human who gave it sole might on his 2nd time through be asked what thouest freely received,was it freely given ?then a legal referance to the relevant statute.

Dont misunderstand,just as entry into many pro events is unregulated as the clock winds down,my hunch is that a point where saving the world and placing a price on the key to the room that has the sink where one may wash their hands of the crimes committed by american military complex monsters.Team law does want as many as who know that their passive allowance of crimes against humanity bears a price and the reason Im seeking help is Im not too bright but I want to be owner operated so I have the legal standing to transfer ownership of myself to whom I choose.As accepting spiritual promises,gifts, et all is ones personal choice to consider,is any one able to choose if not born again?Team law I want to know that the help you offer will enable me to be born again in a legal sense so that im able say im no part of that see all I have is me and as you can see no assets or encumberances.

I have read much on this site and told many to visit but as much as i hate to think we reap what was wrote,current events worry me and my window is closing.I respect what youve done but Im unsure if you are serious because {and im not too bright worldly)Id be finding people to teach to mitigate my hell to pay.Knowing yourselves unable to enter ye have hindered those that seek a way.

If a completely penniless Az w/o diploma no driver lic.(suspended)2 criminal charges for drving on the verge of demanding 2000 demon dollars.ultimately Im not interested in exploiting anther human because money is all you get and very few know you dont need it and fewer know how to align themselves to not need it but whatever .this post is a pm but whoever vettes it can tell me if 600 in food would be a better way to help the world even if I eat it all,or if they think id get ownership of myself which is priceless.

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Re: How much is enough to own me?

Postby Infinitcell » Saturday January 30th, 2010 12:57 pm MST

Dear Viviv,
Team Law helps people learn the law. I can personally attest that my own experience being a beneficiary is worth far more than physical substance. Even though someone else nominated me (Team Law beneficiary status is always free), if one wanted to use their own funds, they could pay those funds into a Way of Kings™ account towards the purchase of an asset protection system and the Way of Kings™ would nominate that person to Team Law for beneficiary status; and still, the services provided by Team Law are more valuable than physical substance. For, when one knows the truth, the truth sets one free. Freedom is priceless. It is possible, following the standard for review diligently, to learn the law and apply it for oneself, but that is a process that more than most can handle without significant need and or motivation. Again, Team Law has helped me to navigate through some really tough legal situations where I was able to prevail far more than any lawyer (that I have encountered) could or would be able to assist.

In addressing your desire to eliminate Corp. US, I would say that, when one understands the laws, and the remedies available, it benefits us more to have them present than not. Corp. US owes the OJ US a lot of money and with proper application of the law, knowing one's exact relation to, and knowing the exact nature of Corp. US, Corp. US can be controlled with relative "ease". This is to say, it is not easy, but once one understands what can be done and how to do it, there is much that Corp. US is bound to which benefits the OJ US people.

While I get a gist of your statement made in the first "sentence" in the last paragraph, I can only guess your meaning because I cannot comprehend the first clause because it lacks a verb, and the apparent subject "Az" is not a word that is known to me. If we were involved with a traffic (criminal) situation, in Corp. State AZ having two charges which total a $2000 FRN fine, we would look at who is being charged and who is charging the defendant with a crime. Was there a social security number involved with securing the driver's license on the application? Is the State of AZ demanding payment in gold or silver coin, in accord with Art. I section X of the Constitution for the United States of America? Or, is the State a private sub corporation of Corp. US, demanding Federal Reserve Notes? Can a contract be created to commit a crime? Securing a beneficiary status for yourself will go into these issues with great depth which will help you learn how to deftly navigate such a situation so that the Corp. US courts will be stuck between a rock and a very hard place.

We hope you find this information helpful.


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Site Admin
Site Admin
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Re: How much is enough to own me?

Postby Admin » Saturday January 30th, 2010 12:57 pm MST

:h: Viviv:
Due to the punctuation, spelling and idiomatic expressions we had a difficult time knowing how to either understand or respond to your post. Accordingly, we suggest using a word processor that has spelling and grammar checking ability when composing your posts. We use Microsoft WORD for that function. If you already don’t have that software on your computer Sun Microsystems provides an awesome office suite for free Open Office.

In reading your post, we felt impressed by your apparent passion; however, the writing itself was difficult to understand. Thus, if we are correct in imagining the gist of your inquiry, you are asking whether Team Law is worthy of your support. Of course, that is something you have to judge for yourself.

It seems like you might, in a roundabout way, be asking if what you’ll get from your donation is worth $600.00. We answered that question here: How do I join Team Law? Again, you get nothing from a donation other than the satisfaction that you supported a good cause. Only you can determine whether the cause was worthy of your support. To make that determination regarding Team Law, you can review Team Law’s website and this Forum; where you will learn about Team Law and what we have done.

When people do that they often desire to get more involved; they want to become Team Law beneficiaries; but, that desire cannot be found through making donations to Team Law because even though you can support us with your donation when we grant you the privilege of nominating a beneficiary, you cannot nominate yourself; thus, you donation does not benefit you—if it did, it would not be a donation.

Your post was rather lengthy and it seems like you would like to support a good cause. Still, some of the things you wrote about have nothing to do with what Team Law does. Again, our purpose is to help people learn how to learn the law, its history and language—so they can apply it. We do not do the work for them, they must do their own work. They must learn how to use the massive system of original source law materials that have been stored throughout history. They must learn how to learn from their own experience instead of from third party resources that simply tell them what to do. Doing what others tell you to do is how we got into the situations we find ourselves in today. Team Law is the only resource we are aware of in the world that work the way we do. Accordingly, if that resource is worthy of your support then you have your answer.

Along with that support, we have been helping people focus on restoring a few key components necessary to our Constitutional Republic’s proper function:
  1. Understanding their existent sovereign nature;
  2. Securing the Title to their domain (Land Patent); and,
  3. Restoring the original jurisdiction government.
Again, these are not things Team Law does for you these are things people learn to do from working with Team Law. Therefore, no one can tell you whether supporting Team Law is the right thing for you to do—only you can determine that. The only reasonable way to determine that is by looking over what we have already done. If you then think that is something worthy of your support; then, make that donation; if not, keep studying.

If we misunderstood your inquiry and it purpose had more to do with learning how you can become a beneficiary the link we provided above (How do I join Team Law?) contains that information.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

As with all Forum posts, comments made by Admin are:
copyrighted—all rights reserved; and, provided here for educational purposes only.

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