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Which "Law"

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Which "Law"

Postby Soapboy » Saturday February 20th, 2010 7:28 pm MST

Dear Sirs,
This is my first post. I have read everything you have made available on your website at least twice. I have not read everything on the Open Forums.
Thank you for your website and all your efforts on my behalf, and on behalf of our great country. I am ignorant of the law. I understand that Teamlaw wants to help me learn how to learn the law. I have some questions.

First, which sets of laws do you suggest I learn? Obviously, I need to comprehend the original constitution that created our country. Do I also need to study the laws created by Corp. U.S., and the laws created by the state Corp? If I am to study the laws created by the original government and the original state government? Is there a reliable way to make distinctions between the two? Are we going to use any of the laws created by Corp. U.S. to reseat our constitutional government? It would seem that the only law we need to reseat our constitutional government is the original constitution.
Second, where do I go to find an unaltered copy of our original constitution? If I do need to study the laws created by Corp. U.S. and the state Corp., can you suggest the best place to do so? I am assuming that there is a body of law that was created by the original government that is not physically attached to the original constitution. If I need to study the laws created by our original government and the laws created by our original state government, can you suggest the best place to do so? Also, what are the differences, if any, between laws created by the original government, before and after martial law was declared by President Lincoln? I live in Virginia.

This question is not about how to learn the law. This is an issue that I would most likely not be confused about if I knew the law. I don't expect Teamlaw to enlighten me, but I am going to bring it up. What is confusing me the most right now, is my relationship with and or to, Corp. U.S. I have a birth certificate, I have an S.S. number, etc. Does that mean I have contracts with Corp. U.S? If I do have contracts with Corp. U.S., and those contracts are subject to Corp. U.S. law, is that what makes me subject to Corp. U.S. law? If nothing else, maybe Teamlaw can point me in the right direction.

I consider myself an honorable person. I believe in a higher power and I try to conduct my life accordingly. I am heartbroken by what I have learned about our country in the past weeks. I have always known that something was wrong, I didn't know that my ignorance of the law was part of the problem. I will learn, I will be part of the solution.
Thank you,
Sean Marsh

P.S. I know I asked a lot of questions. Its just that I feel traumatized by what I have learned thus far, and I feel stunned by my lack of knowledge. I am basically in shock. Its not an excuse, its just how I feel.

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Site Admin
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Re: Which "Law"

Postby Admin » Tuesday February 23rd, 2010 5:36 pm MST

:h: Soapboy:
You asked, “Which set of laws do you suggest I learn?”
However, the fact that, ‘The mere existence of law requires all of those to whom it applies must know the law”, presupposes who must know the law. Thus, we imagine the real point of your inquiry is “Where do I start?”

To that question we have repeatedly focused attention on the Standard for Review as both the starting point and the method for proper study regarding any relationship. Because laws always deal with relationships, even setting conditions for relationships, the study of law must be patterned after the same pattern as relationships.

Thus, we find the starting point you are likely looking for. The Standard for Review provides that you must first understand who the parties are, starting with “self”. Thus, we go to the beginning of mankind and discover man was first given dominion, agency and possession then he was given the first law.

We expect that is where people should always start if they desire to truly understand the law. Everything else you may study in law will have that same origin and foundation. Thus if we are to understand law we must first understand its foundation and its history.

Once we have a sufficient foundation with the origin of law then we can follow it through history to the present relationships to which you may be relating. With the historical foundation understood you will have a good chance of understanding modern laws at any level. However, if you simply look back from now to either the corporate state’s statutes or to the federal statutes you will not be able to understand them at all because you will have no foundation. Oh, you may understand the words well enough but, you will not have a chance of understanding the application without the history.

Thus, the answer to your inquiry can only be answered by you. You will first have to take an assessment of your current knowledge base. We expect a meaningful way of making such an assessment would be to follow this path:
  1. Go to Myth 22;
    1. Read it beginning with its introduction and then follow through by reading all of the information provided in each of the seven linked points of Prerequisite Knowledge;
      • That means that you have to open each of those seven links and read the content of that page;
      • Then close that linked page; and,
      • continue in that same pattern for each of the linked points of “Prerequisite Knowledge”.
    2. Then follow on by reading through to the end of Myth 22.
  2. Then continue on by reading, “The Seduction”, which will show how Myth 22 fits into where we stand today with relation to the ancient prophesies regarding man’s exchanging or Creator for Mammon.
  3. Then notice whether the information you discovered through that process provided you with a different understanding of where you are than you had before you took that path. At that point you will be able to determine whether you can:
    1. Continue with the knowledge base you have; or,
    2. Demystify you understanding with a fresh new start.
If you come to that point of understanding and found those articles expressed the world as you knew it then you can determine what direction to go in your study of the law (corporate state, Corp. U.S., original jurisdiction State or original jurisdiction national government) and have at it according to your interest and desire.

If, on the other hand, your discoveries reading through those pages was enlightening to the point that you discovered the world to be a far different place than you had understood, then (like most people you will have discovered the necessity of forgetting everything you thought you knew and start from the beginning using the Standard for Review as your guide as you build a proper foundation of history before you start studying law.

Through either course, the ultimate path to what you study will likely be directed by your emergent needs; for some, that will cause them to focus on taxes, for others it will be land and for others still it will be a focus of protecting assets. Whatever your emergent causes and desires are, the pattern you will learn to follow will be one of studying the law and history firsthand (instead of looking to third-party interpretations). You must do the study yourself. This is the area in which Team Law works best in helping you learn how to learn the law and history from your firsthand study.

Following the study, using the Standard for Review, will automatically set the distinction between the various bodies of law whether they be corporate state, Corp. U.S. or original jurisdiction Federal or State laws.

The seating of our original jurisdiction government is done by following the respective original jurisdiction laws.

We have shown where people can get original copies of the original jurisdiction constitutions in our articles regarding the Subject:Thirteenth Amendment. We like the 1868 publication of the, Colorado Territory Revised Statutes, which is an original jurisdiction United States of America’s publication for their territorial law.

Beyond that, as you follow through your study using the Standard for Review you will discover for yourself the distinctions between the law forms.

You will also learn to properly distinguish between your relationships with entities created by Corp. U.S. and yourself as well as between the corporate agencies and original jurisdiction governments.

Rest assured, given the information you provided regarding your relationships, you defiantly have contractual relationships with both Corp. U.S. and the corporate state. Beyond that you would have to be a Team Law beneficiary to get more direct support regarding your situation and how to take control over it through your learning the law and applying it.

Finally, there is no point in feeling traumatized as you noted. Yes, discovering the truth about such matters can leave you with a significant shock; however, learning the law and how to apply it has the potential of eliminating that initial shock and turning the energy of that shock into the drive necessary to do the study that you must do. In fact, most people find it quite enervating to makes such discoveries and then to learn how to apply the law to preserve all that is dear to us all (life, liberty, family, property, etc.). We welcome you to the journey.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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