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Public Laws vs. Acts of Congress

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Public Laws vs. Acts of Congress

Postby Reepotomac » Friday April 2nd, 2010 12:34 pm MDT

Back when I was likely to spend time in the law library, once when I was there with my guru, they had a complete set of the PUBLIC LAW books, which were the Acts and Bill passed by Congress, as a set of books in chronological order. . As books appear on a shelf, all the spines wwere facing out. My guru showed me how all of the spines before the Civil War had one title, and all the spines AFTER the Civil War had another title. I forget the titles, but it was something like, before the Civil War they were all called Public Laws, and after the Civil War they were call Acts of Congress, something along those lines. Are you aware of this ?

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Re: Public Laws vs. Acts of Congress

Postby Admin » Sunday April 4th, 2010 11:37 am MDT

:h: Reepotomac:
Yes, we are.
Yet, though that gives us no concern, we are consistently concerned with the idea that a time may come when any of us feels un-inclined to study the law. Nothing can be more important to any of us than the necessity for knowing the law and knowing how to apply it.

That kind of knowledge requires a pattern of continuous study. However, it does not require a “guru”. In fact, unless the “guru” is the Son of God, studying or patterning our lives after a guru can take us away from the necessity for learning the law. Interesting enough, the pattern provided by Him was one of living an excellent example by His way of life and by always teaching through parables. Thus, He did not teach people what to think; rather, he provided a pattern that helps people learn how to think and learn firsthand from study and proper application of law.

Team Law hopes to inspire people to also study the law and its history from their own firsthand study—starting with God’s law as the foundation.

We hope we all remain inclined to take the time necessary to study the law, whether that be at the library or in your own home. Once we discovered the necessity for knowing the law from our own firsthand experience we started studying at a local law library and then we actually began buying law books to take that study home. Now that we have a reasonable library of such books we have the privilege of staying home to do that study. To expand upon such a resource, rather than trusting in some “Guru”, we would take advantage of the many scholastically recognized paralegal research training programs. Most junior colleges have such training programs available at very low costs. Then there are some incredible programs such as the one Westlaw offers. The advantage of taking advantage of any of those programs is made well worth the time and expense because while you are a student of such a program you can gain free access to law research programs like Lexis and Westlaw.

The reason we refer to those programs is they are sources to the actual law and its history; rather than third party representations as most so called guru’s provide. Again, if you follow the Standard for Review you will likely start with your first law book being Torah or the Bible.

We started this response by answering your question with: “Yes, we are.” Meaning, we are aware of the change in the titles of the books and the segments of the laws as they were passed. The laws as they are generated by Congress are either recorded as “Public Law” or as “Statutes at Large”. What has never changed is the constant necessity for learning the law from our own firsthand study and experience.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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