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restore america plan

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restore america plan

Postby Medutch1 » Tuesday October 26th, 2010 7:39 am MDT

Very recently, Tim Turner and company came out publicly with a call for Americans to join their ranks. … I realize that there are differences and issues that conflict between "team law" and their plan (such as the strawman, etc. as explained in Myth 22) however, their intent to restore our government to a government that governs through our original Constitution by replacing the present government…seems a good path to take.

I certainly agree with Team Law that lawful means to achieve change and goals is paramount. I also agree with Turner's 'Restore America' that the present government cannot be fixed, but must be replaced through our original Constitution and the intent of our Founders.

My hope is that Team Law would comment on the "plan", the effectiveness and legality of their efforts, and their goals as it relates to Team Law.

Thank you for all you do, and your efforts in this regard.

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Re: restore america plan

Postby Admin » Tuesday October 26th, 2010 11:40 am MDT

:h: Medutch1:
Though we deleted some of the content of your message for its failure to follow our Forum Rules 1, 3, 9 and the Linking Off Site subsection rules 1–5, the content of your message is one of great concern to us, especially at this election time.

You admonished people to join with Tim Turner’s so called Restore America plan and alleged they have a plan for restoring our nation’s government.

Many people have been fooled by such Corp. U.S. agent provocateurs; but, such promotions cannot make what they prescribe right.

Oh yes, like the Pied Piper, they use words to promote people following them; but, to what end?

They have often praised Team Law and our Trustee for our work with land patents and our work to restore the original jurisdiction government; however, in their next words they pave the way for the destruction of those people convinced to follow them along with our original jurisdiction government.

Their praise is like Shakespeare's portrayal of Brutus praising Caesar.

Whether they are working their “Plan” for the profit derived from it or from direct pay from Corp. U.S. is not known. However, their work demonstrates its obvious fruit: Fractionation and destruction.

As you note, they promote things like their support of the Strawman Theory (see Myth 22); which, if followed sets the follower up for virtually lifetime imprisonment and millions in fines. They also allege their so called desire to peacefully “restore” our government; however, instead of following our laws to do so, they promote making up new ones as if they were made from our laws. To do that they allegedly follow elements from the Magna Charta, Articles of Confederation and the Northwest Territories treaties. However, though those instruments had their historical effects on our Constitutional Republic’s formation; they are not laws in the United States of America.

In essence, such marketing to the public feeds on the ignorance of the people. If you are willing to continue to follow such Pied Pipers the only way you can is to avoid learning the law and its history for yourself and so avoid the truth.

That organization has gone to the original jurisdiction governors we helped get lawfully elected and seated, in an attempt to romance those governors into their alternate form of government. With their lips they honor our original jurisdiction government; but, they prove their hearts by perverting the path of law alleging that it must be replaced with their new order.

They fail to follow the election laws of the States and instead imply their so called governors are seated in the original jurisdiction offices. Such antics clearly undermine the work of lawfully reseating our original jurisdiction government. Tim Turner even has the audacity to call himself the “Interim President of the United States”; though, he failed to follow any lawful path to that conclusion.

Again, their so called “Plan” promotes people ignorantly following them because their promoters say: “It is right.” All the while, the people following them remain ignorant until they have been sufficiently fleeced and awaken. The effect, they draw people away from our work to reseat the original jurisdiction government.

Team Law’s Plan is quite different:
We recognize the Elemental Necessity to saving our nation: “The people must awaken to learn the law for themselves firsthand; so, they can apply it to save our nation.” They must follow their existing original jurisdiction State Constitution to seat their original jurisdiction State Governor (see Team Law’s Governor’s Corner). And, they must follow through to secure each Governor so elected in the original jurisdiction seat of that office. In the 2012 gubernatorial election, that work will be completed. By then we will have helped enough original jurisdiction land patent secured landowners (Electors) to have secured the documentation to prove their Electoral status in accord with the original jurisdiction laws to seat the nation’s Electoral College for the first time since 1916; and with that seating, we will be able to hold the first lawful Presidential Election in the original jurisdiction United States of America since 1916. Accordingly, because all of the original jurisdiction States will have their Governors lawfully seated, they will each also have lawfully appointed their Senators to the original jurisdiction national Senate; so, that Electoral College election of our President of the United States of America can be lawfully confirmed.

Team Law has assisted the people with that work from the very beginning and now, when the work is nearly done, these agent provocateurs are coming in to romance the people with yet another barrage of meaningless rhetoric in an attempt to romance the people into some other way.

It is quite obvious that Tim Turner, and the like, are well aware of the work we have already done. Otherwise, why do they praise our work and attempt to romance people into following after them. They say it is taking us too long to get the job done. However, their work is only delaying the process and is hurting the people that follow them along the way. It is too bad too, because if they would put their effort after the lawful path we have already proven, the people would be more united and they would be focused on learning the law and applying it.

The bottom line: “Restore” is not “Replace”.
They allege that we need to “restore our government by replacing it”; which is impossible! We have shown the path for lawfully restoring our Constitutional Republic form of government by reseating it and accordingly, restoring its function. Our path of following the actual constitutions and laws of our actual government can only work in accord with those laws when the people learn those laws and cause them to be followed. We need no other form of government to replace what we already have we only need to learn what we have and apply it. In fact, that is Team Law’s motto: “Learn the Law and apply it.” When that motto is followed, we win our nation back. Corp. U.S. is returned to the control of our original jurisdiction government.

Tim Turner is not the first fly-by-night agent provocateur/predatory marketer that has popped out of the woodwork promoting a new form of government to “restore”/”replace” our own; however, he may be the most recent and most pernicious. Because he is the first one to praise our work and allege they are following the same path we already proved. It is interesting, they imply their path is the same path and praise our work, but then continue to promote a totally different path that plays on the ignorance of the people and proves itself destructive to both the people and our nation in the end.

So, rather than trying to use our site to promote other’s, we expect you would be better served by learning what Team Law has already done and is doing to help save our great nation, its people and our original jurisdiction government (Constitutional Republic); which can only happen when the people learn the law and apply it.

Regardless of what anyone else does, Team Law will continue to help people do just that.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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