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Original Call to Action! Phases I & II

Learn how to:
Compel Congress to return to Honor with the Constitution!

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Original Call to Action! Phases I & II

Postby Admin » Saturday December 22nd, 2012 9:38 pm MST

The following post contains the articles Team Law provided to support Phase I and Phase II of the current Call to Action; as such, though informational, these articles (found below) are out of date [link to the current Call to Action]; nonetheless, the background information and links contained within these articles may be helpful to give people willing to participate in the current Call to Action process information helpful to learning more about why they should file their own Quo Warranto actions against each of their congressional representatives. Wherefore, we have restored the following original articles as follows:
Call to Action!
Phase II — Notify Congress

Inspire as many people as possible to review this message!

Never in the history of the United States of America has it been more important for the people to unite and stand together!
And, never before have people had the ability to unite as we do today; using social networking tools like: Twitter, Facebook, smart phones, tablets and computers.

Therefore, Team Law is going social to spread the word about this “Call to Action”.

Now, ask yourself:
  1. Are you happy with the government you see running/ruining the United States of America today?
  2. If you, personally, could lawfully do something that would bring the government back to following the Constitution, would you do it?
  3. Would you be willing to spread the word to others to help unite the people in support of the cause?
If your answer to any of those questions was, “Yes”, then we ask you to:
  1. Continue on and read this article; then,
  2. Share it with everyone you can through:
    1. Following us on Twitter and referring others to do the same;
    2. Following us on Facebook and referring others to do the same;
    3. Referring to this article on our forum or to our internet Home Page.
Now, before we move forward, we thank the people that already supported our "Call to Action" from the beginning. That support got the word out to thousands of people through social media services, etc. and thousands of letters were sent to the Attorney General (hereinafter: “AG”) and to the members of Congress regarding that action. So, again, thank you for your support!

The original Call to Action was posted (here below) shortly after the referenced Quo Warranto action was instituted (on December 22, 2012); however, some people believed that Call to Action was only a one-step process that began and ended with the Quo Warranto against Obama challenging his candidacy. However, that was only the first step in the process. Though that action was instituted by Zane Grey, his desire for support from people all over the country is an ongoing process that needs your continued support. The first step was for him (Zane) to request that the AG bring forth the Quo Warranto action against Obama because Obama does not qualify as one that can lawfully sit in the Office of President of the United States [at least because his father was not a citizen of the United States].

There are only two ways to legally contest the lawful candidacy of a seated President of the United States of America:
  1. Through the Senate’s impeachment process (which thing, to date, no one has accomplished); and,
  2. Between the time when an incumbent presidential candidate is re-elected into the official capacity of President Elect and the time when such a President Elect is confirmed into office for a second term, the candidacy can be lawfully challenged by a Quo Warranto action.
Of course, Zane’s following that second option was the cause for our initially published “Call to Action”.

Respectively, some people pooh-poohed Zane’s bringing the Quo Warranto action in the District of Columbia (hereinafter “D.C.”); because, the power of such actions was statutorily limited within that venue giving the AG the power to limitlessly sit on the request for such an action without ever determining to take the case forward. Thus, the concern was that nothing would come of that timely request. However, the principle effect of that request is like a timely indelible line drawn in the sand—in other words, it establishes that cause as timely act set in motion; and, until it is resolved with a determination and response to Zane, it remains in motion.

Accordingly, though that initial action always had the potential that the AG would not take the next critical step, that failure to so act secures the matter as a timely set though unresolved matter. Respectively, Zane’s action was a necessary part of a more involved plan. From our original “Call to Action” (see below), Zane asked people for their support in a letter writing campaign; which generated thousands of letters both to the AG and to each member of Congress. Respectively, those Congressmen were made aware of Zane’s request to the AG for a timely Quo Warranto action.

Now, at this point, you must understand that, like the constitutionally secured right to Habeas Corpus, the right to Quo Warranto is one of the original remedial writ rights of the people; thus, though the Constitution provides Congress the privilege of passing (and enforcing) any law within the 10 mile square of the D.C. (wherein, through which privilege, Corp. U.S. legislated away the power of Quo Warranto), Congress has no such power outside of D.C.

Accordingly, given the following facts:
  1. Each and every member of the Corp. U.S. Congress was made aware of the ongoing contest against Barrack Obama’s qualifying for the office;
  2. Regardless of whether the members of Congress took note of Zane’s action against Obama; they each knew or should have known that the Constitution required them to vet Obama’s candidacy before they could have lawfully confirmed his election; and,
  3. They failed to so vet Obama’s candidacy, as was required of them by law.
Respectively, when Congress failed so to vet Obama’s candidacy (even after receiving notice of the Zane’s pending Quo Warranto action against Obama), each member of Congress that allowed the congressional confirmation of Obama as the President for a second term became subject to a Quo Warranto action contesting that they failed to do that which was required of them by the office; therefore, because Quo Warranto only allows one remedy in law for such a failure — oustal from office — it is time for the people to hold Congress accountable!

What makes these actions more important than the original action Zane brought is these Quo Warranto actions are individually brought against each member of Congress (not in D.C.) in their own respective judicial district from whence each member of Congress was called to office. The beauty of that fact is, in each of the federal district courts, the right to the Writ of Quo Warranto is protected by the 9th Article of Amendment of the United States Constitution, etc. Respectively, such actions are brought in accord with the laws of the State; not, D.C. rules! And, that means that, if the AG does not accept the responsibility for bringing the respective actions, then the parties across the nation that request the same are automatically charged with the authority of the AG's Office and can prosecute those cases with the full authority of the AG's office as independent prosecutors—and, due to the nature of the Quo Warranto action in law, there is nothing the AG can do to lawfully impede that process.

Our expectation is, as the Corp. U.S. Senate begins to see a groundswell movement of the people towards bringing such actions, they will stand with a will to impeach Obama and then vet the issue of his candidacy. However, if they do not, the people have the convenient lawful power to remove (and replace) each of those members of Congress that failed to do their required duty.

Because the lawful application of this process is so obviously accurate and timely; and, because this action not only does not interfere with, but enhances, our ongoing support of the people lawfully reseating the original jurisdiction Constitutional Republic government, Team Law will continue to support Zane and those that join him in the fight to preserve our nation, our laws and our lawful form of government (see: Comments regarding the "Call to Action").
If you want to know more about this effort or you are interested in supporting the same, please contact Admin via a private message and let him know of your interest.

The following is the original
“Call to Action”
Phase I — Apply for Quo Warranto Action

Inspire as many people as possible to review this message!

Stay tuned for more regarding this incredible opportunity to save our nation!
To give people hope for a more positive future, end Obamacare, avoid the clamor for secession and end the further destruction of our economy and our nation, as a matter of necessity, please read the attachment, which was just served upon the U.S. Attorney General:
Now, please understand the effect of such a document:
  1. “Quo Warranto” is a Latin phrase that essentially asks the question: “By what authority?”
  2. The right of Quo Warranto is an original remedial right of the people (see: the 9th Amendment).
  3. The right of Quo Warranto is unavoidable when properly applied at law as follows:
    1. Anyone can raise a Quo Warranto challenge to the Attorney General (hereinafter “AG”);
    2. Once so raised, the AG has the right to choose to either prosecute the matter or not;
    3. If the AG chooses not to prosecute, the party raising the cause retains the right to prosecute as an independent prosecutor for the AG’s office; with the full authority of the AG’s office to do so;
    4. The prosecutor merely raises the contest in court, the Defendant must then prove Quo Warranto does not apply or the only remedy available to the court is, issue a Writ of Quo Warranto for removal from office.
  4. Because this case is brought against Barrack Obama’s candidacy, contesting that he does not lawfully qualify as Candidate for the Office of U.S. President, he cannot have been lawfully elected to the President Elect’s Office;
  5. Which means, Barrack Obama will be compelled to prove that he qualifies as a “natural born Citizen” in accord with the Constitution’s requirement at Article 2, § 1, clause 5; and,
  6. In accord with the Law of Nations, regardless of Obama’s birthplace, the Supreme Court has consistently indicated the constitutional phrase, “natural born Citizen”, is a child naturally born of parents both of whom are citizens of the United States.
Therefore, given the fact that Barrack Obama’s birth certificate (posted on the White House website) shows his father was not a U.S. citizen, Barrack Obama cannot qualify as a candidate for the office of U.S. President Elect; accordingly, Quo Warranto applies and this contest will remove Obama from the office of President Elect because he cannot qualify as a lawful candidate.

Wherefore, the 2012 election of the President of the United States must revert to Mitt Romney.
Quite frankly, because of his personal interest, having been the lawful candidate that received the most votes for the Office, Mitt Romney is best poised with the most powerful capacity for bringing a Quo Warranto action himself; because he does not need the AG to raise the action—he can either raise it directly or join with Zane and the4 AG's Office. Respectively, the people should all be contacting him to inspire him fight for his election with a similarly based Quo Warranto action!

When this action hits the court it requires the court to take immediate action to hear the matter. Congress is now in session with the lawful requirement of reviewing the 2012 election (which review is scheduled for: January 4, 2013); therefore, they need to be flooded with millions of physical written signed letters; delivered to them in their mail [if at all possible, by January 4, 2013—still, even if they are delivered after that, after is better than not at all]. When sufficient members of the Senate become aware of this action, they may take this action on advisement to impeach Obama immediately and therein open a review of his candidacy in this last election. Regardless of what Congress does, this action must be in the courts before January 20th; so, Zane Grey has asked us to help notify the people and ask them for their support!

As you consider your support of this Call to Action:
Remember the things Obama claimed and promised in his campaign and in the Presidential debates this year and notice he has already proven his deception since the election; as with his announcement of a 30% across the board tax increase. Also, notice that immediately after the election companies (like Hostess, etc.) closed their doors rather than continue against the threat of “Obamacare”; while others fired (or cut the weekly work schedules to under 28 hrs/wk for) their fulltime employees, to avoid the effect of Obamacare. These effects (and more) have clearly changed the mindset of virtually all Americans and if he had told the truth or the election were held today Obama could not have won. (Quite frankly, if it had not been for programmable election computers, we expect he could not have won the election as it was.)

Respectively, though no contest can remove this action from proceeding, the cause itself needs rapid/instantaneous support from the people in mass! Wherefore, we are sending out this Call to Action, asking the people to spread this news to everyone you know; asking everyone to do all they can to stop Obama now!
  1. Read this Call to Action with its attached Notice and Demand for Action; then,
  2. Call everyone you know and inspire them to do the same;
  3. Use e-mail, Facebook , Twitter, etc. and send messages to: family, friends, organizations, media services; especially include people like: Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Bill O’Reilly, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, etc.
    • To all of those at least send a link to this “Call to Action”; also,
  4. Then, instead of sending this Call to Action to the members of Congress, write your own cover letter (see link to a sample below) asking each Congressmen to move to impeach Obama and immediately compel the Quo Warranto action forward; then attach your cover letter to said Notice and Demand for Action and send these letters overnight to each Congressmen for your State;
  5. Write a similar cover letter to the Attorney General and ask him to immediately compel the Quo Warranto action forward; or, give Zane Grey leave to so to proceed. Send these letters to the Attorney General overnight—this is too important an issue to delay.
Given the fact that Obama’s candidacy remains in question by most of the people, now there is something you can do about it; Zane Grey has opened that door; let’s give him the support he needs to carry it through.
It is time to take action—Now!
Read the following linked document—and then do all you can
to spread the word about this Call to Action as fast as you can; and,
inspire as many people as you can to do the same!

Links designed to help you as you do it:
  • This MS WORD file: CallToAction.doc, is a source from which you may copy (to paste in e-mail messages, etc.) as the message you compose to send to others; it will direct them to this page.
  • This is a link to the Facebook page Team Law made public on December 22, 2012, just to get this word out; so, you can quickly and easily pass the message on to others.
  • Twitter messages should just include something like:

    Code: Select all

    You’ve got to see this!  http://teamlawforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1135
    To use that code, just click on “Select All” then press the [ctrl]+[c] keys at the same time, then paste it ([ctrl+[v]) where you want to use that text.
  • This MS WORD file: Sample Cover Letter-Congressmen is a sample of a cover letter you can send to a member of Congress; to use such a letter you would personalize it with your name, address and signature, attach it to a copy of the actual Notice and Demand that Zane Grey served on the Attorney General, and mail it (with as quick a delivery as you can) to each Congressman from your State. Use this link to find: Congressmen.
  • This MS WORD file: Sample Cover Letter-AG is a sample of a letter you can send to the Attorney General; to use such a letter you would personalize it with your name, address and signature, attach it to a copy of the actual Notice and Demand that Zane served on the Attorney General and mail it to the Attorney General with next day delivery.
  • This '.pdf' file is a copy of the actual: Notice and Demand, that was sent to the Attorney General; respectively it can be used as an attachment to other messages (e-mail, etc. as noted above).
  • This '.pdf' file: TeamLawHomePg.pdf is a copy of the top of Team Law’s Home page with instructive bullets that will quickly show anyone visually how to get to this open forum “Call to Action” page. It can be used as a physical handout, etc. to hand out or send to someone to give them directions to get to this page from Team Law's home page.
  • Of course, you can simply copy the link to this Team Law Forum post and spread it everywhere.

    Code: Select all

Thanks, for helping Zane spread this news and inspiring further support.
Let us know when there is any way we can help you spread this message for Zane.
Send this everywhere—including all friends, family, news services, organizations and Congressmen.

Make sure all such messages that are sent by mail are delivered by next day delivery!
This is too important for delays! Though we cannot give you advice,
we believe this is so important it needs to get out to everyone today; any way you can.
Listen to excerpts from Pastor Butch Paugh’s Interview with Team Law regarding this Call to Action.

This page is locked for comments. If you need assistance implementing/applying this “Call to Action”, you may make inquires regarding this post on the following page: Comments & Inquiries.
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

As with all Forum posts, comments made by Admin are:
copyrighted—all rights reserved; and, provided here for educational purposes only.

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