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Types of "property" in tax assessors office

The mystery of Land Patents unveiled.

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Types of "property" in tax assessors office

Postby Jkelly7 » Monday March 15th, 2010 9:42 am MDT

In the tax assessors office, property is listed under residential, commercial, or agriculture, but all are commercial since i read somewhere that "residential property" under law means for "official government use" hence commercial. To reconfirm, is this correct? Does the tax assessors office have a document that will have "Private Property" selection on for homes? Also, if someone has a land patent on a commercial building(just commerce) can the property tax relationship be canceled with local governments, or this option only available for non-commerce properties? I completely understand that having a land patent on a property doesn't void private contracts and agreements with local governments or banks.

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Site Admin
Site Admin
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Re: Types of "property" in tax assessors office

Postby Admin » Tuesday March 30th, 2010 12:59 pm MDT

:h: Jkelly7:
To delve fully into the inquiry you posted would require Team Law beneficiary support; however, we can refer you to a few items we already published that should provide you with the wherewithal to put you on the right track towards discovering the answers:
  1. The nature of your inquiry involves relationships; and, we published the Standard for Review to help people discover the proper pattern for understanding any relationship, regardless of its complexity.
  2. To debunk a combination of myths including:
    1. The myths presented in the book, The Creature From Jekyll Island;
    2. The myths caused by the common language and rhetoric people use regarding “Money”;
    3. Virtually the entire list of IRS tax protestor arguments; and,
    4. The false allegations presented in the so called patriot documentary titled: Freedom to Fascism
    Team Law provided Myth 22; which contains seven elements of prerequisite knowledge necessary for understanding both the balance of Myth 22 and the answers to your inquiry.
  3. For people to discover the reality of the deception they face every day, we provided The Seduction; which uses ancient prophesies to show the reality of not only private property ownership, but also the true nature of the masters they have been serving under that deception.
  4. As you have obviously already discovered the Land 101 article shares the mechanics of actual landownership; and,
  5. The Contracts, Trusts and the Corporation Sole article shows the mechanics of basic business constructions.
Now, you should first notice that each of those articles and reviews presents factual components and leaves you to do your own study and make your own conclusions. With them you should have sufficient information to discover the factual reality basis of the situation you are inquiring after.

One of the primary errors we see people making every day is discovering the truth and then doing nothing about it. For example:
    When people look at the envelope of documents that comes with the social security card when it is first delivered from the Social Security Administration, they tend to forget about the fact that the package first reserves ownership of the card to Corp. U.S. Generally, from the time the card is so delivered to its recipient, people rarely go to the law and learn anything about the card or the obligations created by its being accepted and so held. Then, even though the law expressly designates the card belongs to Corp. U.S. not to you, people still call it: “My social security card” and refer to the social security number as:”My social security number.”
Having discovered the magnitude of the factual error in calling that card “your card” or that number “your number”, it seems like people would cease to use that style of language. Such a dramatic difference from their past conceptions and their factual reality seems like it would cause them to stop using that kind of language. Yet, we consistently see people make that error.

Thus, we say: “It is critical that we change our language to fit the facts once we discover the facts and history of the relationships in which we participate.

Accordingly, you asked about relationships with tax assessor’s offices and respective property interests; but, you asked as if you are not aware of any of those publications referenced above. Thus, if you are aware of those publications, we expect you should apply what you learned when you followed our admonition that instead of just taking our publications for granted you do your own firsthand research into the law and its history to begin to understand for yourself the facts of life; which should have removed the errant presuppositions inherent in the questions you asked.

If you will do that you will discover the error in your presentment; which error was apparently caused by two things:
  1. Either you did not know (learned from your own firsthand study) of the things presented in those publications; or,
  2. you did not apply that knowledge when you made your inquiry.
Accordingly, to understand the answers to your inquiry, we would review the above listed Team Law publications, do the requisite study and then return to your inquiry—read it; and, notice the errant presuppositions included within it. Adjust your inquiry as it would correctly apply to the actual situation at hand. Of course, if you were to have properly posted that inquiry it would most likely require Team Law beneficiary support. Accordingly, you can resolve that issue by again following the Standard for Review.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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