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Are we out of time?

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Are we out of time?

Postby Wayne2195 » Saturday October 27th, 2012 9:27 pm MDT

:h: Inserted by Admin:
Please note:
The allegation presented in this post is false; time will quickly prove that fact and such posts are usually simply removed due to their failure to comply with our Forum Rules; however, this post was allowed because Admin wanted to respond in the hope of allaying such fears and helping people develop a proper mindset regarding such allegations by at least recognizing the necessity for learning the law and applying it to secure a proper workable remedy.
The original post follows:
Your time is up, the 100 monkeys are working for Obama, make preparations for your new king…The Republic will be dead in a few days…

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Re: Are we out of time?

Postby Admin » Monday October 29th, 2012 3:03 pm MDT

:h: Wayne2195:
It seems like you still do not understand what Team Law is about. We are an educational foundation; which means, we help people learn how to learn the law, so they can learn how to apply the law.

Respectively, the work we do to help the people of each state secure the original jurisdiction election of each State’s Governor continues; and, by the time this year’s election is over we expect to have a governor in every State. That has been what we have been working on for 18 years now. And, it is not a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Once all of the Governors are elected and seated (in accord wit the laws of their respective States) then we can help the people follow the law to also seat the original jurisdiction Electoral College. Only when that happens can/will we have an original jurisdiction President of the United States of America lawfully elected, by the people, to sit in that seat. Respectively, we will continue to work on that project until it is accomplished—no matter how long that takes.

So, regardless or your opinion — nothing is over until it is over; and, you will know when it is over and time to stop working for that end when the original jurisdiction: President, Congress and all of the respectively State governors are back in their seats and we have our government back.

We know that some people like to just sit back and heckle; and, we know that the task at hand is huge.
Nonetheless, so long as we have breath we will continue on task.
Respectively, some people ask why. I’ll tell you why. It is because when God gave us life he also gave us dominion, agency and possession (the three elements that define sovereignty), which comes with responsibility; including but not limited to:
    The responsibility of:
    1. Being fruitful and multiplying, replenishing and subduing the earth; which, respecting the sovereign authority He gave us, at least means that when we grant authority to government we remain responsible for how that authority is used—that is why we gave government constitutional limitations;
    2. Knowing the law; wherefore:
      1. We must make sure that government does not generate laws, etc. that reach beyond the limitations the people provided the government through the constitutions; and,
      2. When laws are legally and lawfully generated, in accord with that authority, we must know what those laws are and both comply with the same and make sure that the government does also.
    3. When the actions of government are made outside of those constitutional limitations we are responsible to apply the law to restore all exercises of government to remain limited in accord with our provision of authority to them through our constitutions.
However, because the people failed to honor those responsibilities Team Law was formed to help the people re-educate themselves. Respectively, it is a worthy work and we will continue at it until the task is accomplished.

Accordingly, you are welcome to either not support us or to support us in our work; which is, we help the people learn how to learn the law and respectively discover that our laws already provide the means and the manner in which our Constitutional Republic’s chief executives (State governors and the nation’s President) are legally and lawfully elected and seated in their seats. Respectively, we hope your choice is to join with us as we work together, with the people, to reseat our government in its original jurisdiction and so save ourselves with our nation. Of course, the choice is yours and it would be nice if your choice is to support our cause at least with comments made in a supportive manner.

Respectively, for those not interested in so joining with us in this just cause; feel free to leave us to our work; so, we can continue doing all we can to accomplish the task with those that are willing to help us win our nation back.

Again, the time cannot be “up” until the work is complete. Each of us can easily know when that will be; because, the necessity for vigilance in honoring our responsibilities to our Creator end only when we are once again standing before Him accounting for what we did with the authority and responsibility He gave us. As for me, my conscience will be clear because I will continue to do all I know to do until I am called upon so to account; and, like Peter (the Apostle of Christ) I will be able to report, “I have fought a good fight and finished the course—what’s next?”

That accounting will in turn fall to each of us. Of course, the questions we must each ask are: “How will you account for what you did; or, for what you failed to do? What will you say then?”

Please understand the rhetorical nature of those two questions; presented here merely as food for your own thought; the only appropriate place for those answers are between you and your Maker.
We simply hope to inspire people to take on their ongoing responsibility to learn the law.

We must all stop wasting time by thinking negative thoughts and sharing negative comments about a future that has not yet happened. Such negativity will never do you or any of us any service. That is exactly why we added our Success Network to Team Law’s services; in order to succeed in saving our nation, we have to become a people centered on success—regardless of what government does. We are likely not going to seat the Electoral College this year merely because too many people are ignorant of the law and we had insufficient funding to get the message out well enough for making the necessary arrangements. Both of those things are functions of the people’s mindset towards success.

That point was made all too clear by your last post where you called it with your opined summation: “The Republic will be dead in a few days.”

Wow! I wonder what football games would be like if we all just called them even before the game is played; or, at halftime; or, before the last quarter of the game is played—merely because we want to vent our possible frustration.

The bottom line the work and this Republic will endure as long as there are people willing to learn and to share the truth—and we will continue on both of those fronts through the end.

Rest assured, people like Obama will continue to come and go; of course, if the people knew the law and knew how to apply it he would never have made it into that office in the first place. So, if you want to change that then you have to learn the law and then apply it. Again, Team Law can help with that.

For anyone that may be wondering what the next four years will be like; if Obama is elected as the Corp. U.S. President for another four years, you can expect him to continue to do what he did for the last four years. Over the last four years his economic policies caused the Corp. U.S. national debt to increase nearly seven Trillion dollars (of course 1.2 Trillion of that was already obligated before he started signing off on the increases and debts. We know people that are already suffering from his health policies; the VA has told several of our close personal friends that are over 75 that they have lived good lives and made it past 75 so now it is their time to pass on; their medications were then changed to include dosages of Warfrin (rat poison) that they were told would kill them within 6 weeks; so, contact all of your family and get your affairs in order because you will not live to make it to your next appointment (in 8 weeks). That is not the rest of the story but it is a common one we are hearing from a lot of people. Obama has already ordered trillions of dollars in FRNs that will start hitting the market next year; if he makes it back in the office and that would cause rampant inflation; which would have the tendency to crash the marketplace. Thus, if anyone expects Obama to do anything other than what he has already done can just expect the worst is yet to come.

On the other hand, what will happen if Mitt Romney gets elected? Well, again his history tells us that he will do all he can to get a balanced budget; both his business history and his political career indicate that he will do well at that; more importantly; the Obama agenda will be terminated. And, that will give us a far better chance, over the next four years, of awakening enough people to learn the law and apply it that we may actually accomplish it. Also, it will give a better chance for someone like Ron Paul’s son to get prepared to take office in four to eight years. The bottom line: no one knows the future other than the fact that we have one. What will it entail will be told by how well each of us prepares for it by learning how to learn and apply the law.

As for us at Team Law, we hope and expect Corp. U.S. will remove Obama in their upcoming election. That would be the best for the country especially if we are not able to seat the original jurisdiction Electoral College until 2016.

The one thing we can absolutely assure you of is the fact that both this nation and its people will continue through that time. So, if the people do not follow the law to reseat their original jurisdiction President of the United States of America this year, we will continue working to awaken them until that task is completed. And, when that task is completed, we will continue to help the people learn how to learn the law long after that time. That task has always been and will always be; and, each of us will ultimately stand before our Creator and report/account for what we did with the authority, blessings and support we have each had from the beginning. May we all stand well and live worthy through that opportunity as we earn our reward through our choices in this life.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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