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Questions about 2006 Governor's Elections?

Use this forum for contacting Team Law regarding the original jurisdiction elections.

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Questions about 2006 Governor's Elections?

Postby Assembler » Wednesday November 1st, 2006 9:45 pm MST


Is an affidavit needed to address a “person” casting a ballet to be recorded by Corp. County Clerk?
I’m not clear on qualified elector and land patent in reference to the following post:

To Re: OJ Governor - Requirements
Qualify for the office of Governor a person must first be a qualified elector in the State of the election. Therefore, the candidate must at least own land.

Thank you
Sincerely, Assembler. :)

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Re: Questions about 2006 Governor's Elections?

Postby Admin » Thursday November 2nd, 2006 8:57 pm MST

:h: Assembler:
The most direct answer to your question as a provision of law is, “No”; however, that answer neither entertains the complexities of the situation we find ourselves in nor does it take into consideration the necessities of seating a governor in a time where all offices of government are vacant. Thus, to understand the process properly we must first take such considerations to heart.

Question: How do we elect a Governor when there are no state officials in office?
Answer: we follow the law.

Question: Is there any precedence for such a thing in law?
Answer: The only time when a Governor was set in place in the State when there were no other State officials in office was when the State was first formed in accord with its Enabling Act. At that time the Territorial Government was used to assist in the process of electing and seating the Governor. Now, the Territorial Government is non-existent but the original jurisdiction government created the Corp. State with the charge of carrying out the original jurisdiction government’s business needs. However, the Corp. State has no provision for electing an original jurisdiction Governor. Still, the law provides for the time when the election will take place, whether or not the people timely participate in such original jurisdiction elections. Thus, we have to cast electoral votes in some manner such that they can be evidenced to prove they were timely cast.

Question: Is there any public record available where the people could place a record of their electoral vote?
Answer: The Corp. State keeps their public records in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office; the Clerk and Recorder’s Office is also where most states keep their election records.

Question: Can the people file records in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office?
Answer: Yes, it is a repository of public records.

Question: Is there any law that limits the people from publishing their electoral vote in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office?
Answer: No.

Question: Could an affidavit of election serve as evidence of a person’s lawful electoral vote for Governor if it was published in the public’s record in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office?
Answer: Yes.

The simple fact is, this is not a matter of whether the law says it has to be done this way this is a simple matter of following what the law provides using the tools available to accomplish the task. This pattern is how Colorado’s governor did it 12 years ago; and that election was carefully scrutinized and verified as “legal, lawful and correct”; that is why we provide the method to the rest of the states in the Union—it works in these exigent circumstances.

Where you (Assembler) live in Idaho, there is no such need for filing your affidavit of election with the Clerk and Recorder’s Office; because your original jurisdiction governor has already been seated. Thus, you can simply cast your affidavit of election by executing it in front of a Notary or Court Clerk and timely send it to Governor Reason.

The necessity of timely casting your electoral vote remains. And, because there are no polling places available today with government officials standing by to verify you are a qualified elector and that you properly cast your vote by a State generated ballot, you must improvise. That is exactly why Team Law has (for your convenience) provided ‘Affidavits of Election’ on Team Law’s website on the Governor’s Corner page. You can navigate to that page and click on the State name, then double click on the button to download the affidavit of election generated for your state. Follow the instructions and your done.

The key to understanding your question is held in realizing what is going on here and now. In the case of reseating a vacant seat of a Governor the problems are many. Though law provides for the office of Governor and though the Governor is a necessary component of the government, there is no provision that necessitates that the people must elect any officers in government. Participation in elections is completely voluntary. Nonetheless we must elect our governors to reseat our government, and we must reseat our original jurisdiction government to preserve our country.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

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