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Corp US, SSA Trusts, Freedom, Unification, Plans

The forum is for discussing the myths found on the Team Law website's Patriot Mythology page.

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Corp US, SSA Trusts, Freedom, Unification, Plans

Postby Clabianco » Thursday January 3rd, 2013 11:06 am MST

Mao Tse Tung said that at the foundation of every law is the physical, force of a gun.
There is more than that which controls society.
I'm on Social Security, 68 yrs old. I'm working on another "profession" but have not gone into the market place and offered my services.
What is the relevance of that? I will soon be free of the dependence on Social Security income.
Then I will remove myself from Corp US. and THE UNITED STATES and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporations.
How many Americans will be able to do that? extremely few; a negligible amount.
So almost all of us are all trapped by the reality of starvation, homelessness, deteriorating health, etc.
It is already too late for us but not for our children.
Someone said, maybe me, that if I knew the truth back then, at age 15 when I obtained my security card, in order to [be allowed to ] work, and knew what it entailed, its consequences, then I might still have accepted it, believing that I would be able to withdraw from that situation and its consequences when I was economically strong enough.
My father used to say "the web of life" entangles us. I found that to be true.
So where are we, the people, in our struggle to escape from a progressively, totalitarian, "economic slave" society?
Team Law has part of the right approach. You must begin somewhere. The Quo Warranto re: Obama is a good start.
The objective of all of our efforts must be to "make our leaders accountable to us" and to be able to remove them from office, ASAP at any point in time during which they create, or even attempt to create laws that are unconstitutional or against us or that insulate them from being accountable to us or that favor them over us.
Team Law should be honored by all freedom loving people.
If the government would tell us the truth, about Soc Sec , for example, and about Corp US, then at least "the truth will set us free" in order to accept it, knowing its consequences or to reject it and search and struggle and strive for other solutions to our problems of survival.

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Re: Corp US, SSA Trusts, Freedom, Unification, Plans

Postby Admin » Sunday January 6th, 2013 6:58 pm MST

:h: Clabianco:
It seems clear why Chairman Mao was the dictator of his country and why the people in China do not have Liberty. The sad thing is that some people in this country also believe that the foundation both of every law and freedom is the force of a gun.

Still, we find it quite interesting that the single most influential people that ever lived were of the exact opposite opinion. The best examples that come to mind are Adam, Enoch, Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus Christ, Gandhi, etc. Though they stand no where near alone, their efforts can appropriately be called ministries; for they each ministered to the people—dedicating their whole lives to ministering (serving) to the people (their fellow men). Each of them dramatically changed the world. Gandhi was the principle cause of Great Britain (one of the world’s foremost military powers at that time) releasing India from the British Empire’s control, returning it to its own government and vacating the land. Gandhi also stopped a brutal war between the Muslims and the Hindus; likely saving millions of lives. His influence remains widespread to this day.

However, no one has ever had the influence Jesus Christ had upon the world. To this day over four billion people follow religions fundamentally based on Jesus Christ’s teaching. Mohamed was also following Jesus Christ’s example when took his journey into the wilderness to fast for 40 days. We already described the effect of Enoch’s work in our response to the topical thread: Cycle of the Body Politic.

The bottom line: though each of those great individual leaders had the greatest influence over mankind than any other people, each of them taught love, service and non-violence. My favorite example of the proper way to respond to an armed attack was when, under attack by the soldiers that came to arrest Christ in Gethsemane, Peter sliced off one of the soldier’s ears. Then Christ told him the sword was not the way and picked up the fallen ear and healed the soldier. He taught the people to: love your enemy as yourself; when the Roman law required you to carry the legionnaires’ (enemy’s) pack for a mile, carry it twain (2)—the first to fulfill the law and the second to serve your brother, love also those that spitefully use you; and, after returning from His ascension to His Father, He returned to a final supper with the Apostles where He left them with a final command to mankind—"Love one another." No wonder His influence was the most effective of all leaders that have ever been—as all great leaders, He was singly minded with loving service towards all of those with whom He met; yet his concern was not merely caught up in the moment of that service, it was for their well being then and forever.

Our Trustee did a radio interview with a Pastor the other day. Though the interview went well, sadly, after the interview when the Pastor went on to the topic he planned for that evening (preempted for that interview), he started talking about how he planned to defend his home meeting violence with violence. However, can you imagine such a response from Gandhi, Jesus Christ or Enoch? We cannot. Christ taught that if you live His way and you are attacked, He and His Father would fight your battles for you. Love is the way.

Please forgive the lengthy response all based upon the first sentence in your inquiry; nonetheless, we do not believe that playing into the enemy’s hand by responding with violence makes any sense. However, from Sun Tzu’s Art of War, against such overwhelming odds and being attacked in a battle that is not of your choosing it is better to surrender and live to fight another day.

As you noted, the right path is to learn the law and then properly apply it.
As we have stated before, Corp. U.S. is doing what they can to inspire or incite a civil war; therefore, that should be the one thing that no matter what, the people refuse to give them. Instead, we need to unite.

However, that unity cannot come by a bunch of ignorant people following others because we perceive that they know what they are doing. No. It must come by the people learning how to learn and apply the law. For example: when someone like Zane Grey brings a proper Quo Warranto action timely challenging someone like Obama; and he needs the support of the people to follow a “Call to Action” like we published for him; the people need to get behind that. The first step is to write the letters suggested on the “Call to Action” page. Then, when the time comes that Zane needs to compel the Attorney General to either take the action forward or pass it to Zane Grey for prosecution, if need be millions of the people need to go to District of Columbia and surround the Attorney General’s office to make the personal request for that letter. The bottom line: when such an event takes place all traffic (and respectively all business) stops in the District of Columbia. Thus, to continue to do what they do, they have to give Zane the letter.

Such actions take very little from those that show up; however, by so doing our Constitution is preserved.

Regarding your comment on using benefits from the Social Security Administration. When the Corp. U.S. agency trust (the Social Security cardholder) you served qualifies for Social Security, there is no reason why you should not take advantage of its services. However, if you are involved in being fruitful, multiplying, replenishing and subduing such that that cardholder no longer so qualifies, that too is OK—Quite frankly, it is better. That is another reason we started our Success Network; to help people change their vision of the future and get so successful that they no longer need such services; which answers your first question. “How many Americans will be able to do that?” If we have our way, that will be all that have a desire to (hopefully millions upon millions upon millions).

However, we expect you posed that question as a rhetorical one; and, our answer to the only other question you asked is:
Clabianco wrote:So where are we, the people, in our struggle to escape from a progressively, totalitarian, "economic slave" society?
It does not matter.
What matters is, “what we do with our respective resources and circumstances.”

The bottom line: our very existence requires of us to know the law; thus, we must learn how not only to learn the law, but learn how to apply it. Then we must apply it. We also have to stand together supporting those that are so applying the law. As with said Quo Warranto action brought by Zane Grey.

That is exactly how our laws provide for us to hold government officials lawfully accountable; respectively, we have to stand together when such opportunities arise.

We thank you for your praise; and, we appreciate all of the support we get.
We are certainly honored and can only hope that all freedom loving people will honor the work we continue to do for all.

Nonetheless, don’t hold your breath for what most people think of as government to tell you the truth. That is not their job. You and all of the rest of the people are the ones that are required to know and secure the truth. The reason we are in the situation we are in today (in our nation and in the world) is, the people forget such necessities as they become dependent on government for things. A couple of years ago, for the first time, more people in the U.S.A. work for Corp. U.S. and/or the corporate states than work in the agro-industrial production system; and, at that time the nature of things switched from an agro-industrial society to a government complex.

Such societies never last too long because they turn away from the basic necessities of compliance with the first law God gave to man; being fruitful, multiplying, replenishing and subduing the earth and they move into being taken care of by their servant. Thus, the servant becomes the master: and, the old maser becomes the slave of the new master; however, the new master cannot afford to feed its slaves and as such systems continue they starve themselves out of existence. Only when the people turn back to their Creator and to His laws will they resolve their plight.

Of course, at any time the people can simply awaken from the frivolity of it all and go back to God’s Law and start producing. That turn around in our time is even prophesied; yet so many people are so bent on forecasting the destruction that even many of the righteous people see only the doom and the gloom; and so, they fail to lift a finger to save themselves through the simplicity of learning and applying the law.

Our question is, “What will you do?”
Will you join with us and learn and apply the law?
Will you stand with others that do?
Of course, the choice is always yours. We remain here to serve. We can help you learn how to learn the law—it is what we do.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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