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Help with UCC1 filings please.…

The forum is for discussing the myths found on the Team Law website's Patriot Mythology page.

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Help with UCC1 filings please.…

Postby Free4flight » Wednesday June 16th, 2010 12:31 pm MDT

My girlfriend and I have recently filed the UCC1 filings to move into sovereignty. We have not finished filing all the documents listed in Tim Turners freedom docs but are working on it. My girlfriend got 2 tickets as we were just getting started and we wish to stand in our sovereignty over the tickets and the Colorado Springs municipal court system. We filed an affidavit of 'proof of claim', requiring them to prove their claim with 22 points. We filed this before the court dates and gave them 30 days to respond. Well, they ignored it and my girlfriend now has 2 bench warrants and more fines. We have not responded to their bench warrants or their additional fines because, as I understand it, they have have no jurisdiction over us and even if they did, it is not illegal to operate a vehicle with out license, plates, insurance, ect if you are driving a private vehicle for personal use. Am I correct? But, we are a little worried as to how to proceed. We gave them 30 days to respond to our 'proof of claim' affidavits but they are actively pursuing her now with the bench warrants.

Can we get some advise here on how to proceed please??? Meanwhile, we are actively filing the rest of our freedom docs....

thanks, any help will be appreciated.
Rob in Colorado

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Re: Help with UCC1 filings please.

Postby Vzeng1 » Wednesday June 16th, 2010 6:34 pm MDT

Seems you may be another casualty of the Tim Turner / Winston Shroud "paytriot" camp where they undoubtedly have walked away with your money and you have just put you and your girlfriend in harm’s way. Do a topic search on Turner and Shroud and read everything posted about them by Team Law forum members and admin. Also, you should know that Team Law has a policy on the giving and receiving advice which prevents you from any of us giving what you are asking.

Bottom line: You have to be willing to accept that you need to do a firsthand study of the law. Team Law can help point the way.

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Site Admin
Site Admin
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Re: Help with UCC1 filings please.

Postby Admin » Thursday June 17th, 2010 7:27 pm MDT

:h: Free4flight:
Vzeng1’s response was right on the spot; and, we hope you appreciate his quick response at least as much as we do.

However, where Vzeng1 indicated predatory marketers “put you and your girlfriend in harm’s way”, we cannot help but notice, that though those marketers did sell you on the bill of goods, the reason you came in harm’s way was you bought the bill of goods and acted upon the same because you believed the marketers without first making sure of the effects of the actions they promoted.

Following their stylized rhetoric you said you, “filed the UCC1 filings”; however, Myth 3 debunks that process and shows how such a thing could cost you a $1,000,000.00 fine and 30 years in jail.

You said you did that to, “move into sovereignty”; however, Myth 6 debunks that myth. It is virtually impossible for you to get sovereign; you are already sovereign. The limiting factor is never your sovereign nature; rather, it is your lack of understanding how sovereigns act and what makes a sovereign—sovereign.

No amount of documents you or anyone else can generate (or finish) will ever make anyone free regardless of where you buy them; documents do not make you free. You are either free or you are not free—document filing cannot change that fact; but, documents can bind you to your obligations. Thus, generating or filing documents, especially in ignorance, can certainly cause you more problems and they can significantly cause your freedom to be restrained (see our comment regarding UCC1 filings).
Free4flight wrote:…as I understand it, they have no jurisdiction over us and even if they did, it is not illegal to operate a vehicle without license, plates, insurance, ect. if you are driving a private vehicle for personal use. Am I correct?
No. Whether you may possess the right of Liberty; that right would have nothing to do with the relationship about which you inquired. The thing is, Liberty has nothing to do with what your girlfriend was doing when the officer stopped the car and asked to see the driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. The officer apparently believed a traffic infraction was committed and stopped the car to get the evidence necessary for proving that fact in accord with the existing contractual relations that certainly established the court’s jurisdiction on the matter. Such jurisdictional evidence clearly proves the matter is not one subject to “your sovereignty”. Accordingly, (and in accord with the Colorado Revised Statutes Title 42) the respective citation clearly calls for the appearance of the respective licensed driver in court. Thus, the missive regarding the 22 points had no merit in the court. Accordingly, the court held the promised hearing and when the charged violator did not show up in accord with the law, the warrants issued.

Though the court may have no jurisdiction over you, the driver’s license and the citation certainly provide a significant body of evidence that the licensed driver (so charged) is under the court’s lawful jurisdictional authority when they are charged with an infraction. If that party doesn’t agree, they can wait and in time something will likely happen that will cause the execution of those warrants and that licensed driver will likely be taken from “at large and brought before the court”. That is what warrants compel. The predatory marketers can disagree with all of the rhetoric they desire; but, that will not disarm the warrants. Warrants are disarmed by appearance in court. In fact, that is how sovereigns act. When they are charged with something they stand firm to the charges and allegations either with a proper challenge or by exercising their obligation to the charges. Further, they do so with knowledge of the law, its history and their actual God given and inherent rights.

Of course, if so charged party fails to come in on their own and accordingly stand before the charges (thus, discharging the warrant), and they are instead dragged in by the execution of the warrant, a bond must be set to guarantee their return for trial; then, from that time forward, the record will be set making it quite difficult for that party to ever be able to stand before any charges without a surety bond to secure their return.

At this point, we wonder about the ultimate cost of the predatory marketer’s document with its 22 points.
Free4flight wrote:Meanwhile, we are actively filing the rest of our freedom docs.
At this point you might want to reconsider such an action.

The bottom line: predatory marketers play on emotions to get people to buy their products. The saddest part is, after it is all said and done the marketers walk away to prey upon their next victim—while you still don’t know the law any better than you did when you started; in fact, it should be apparent, the myths the marketers sold you on put you in worse shape than they found you.

We ask people that buy into such myths with their supportive actions, “How are those actions any different from the actions they took by doing what the so called “government” agents told them to do even though there was no law requiring the same?”

Often they respond claiming they were forced into their relationships with the government without full disclosure and against their will and now they simply want out of the relationship.

However, when we review the facts of those relationships with them the evidence is clear, they did have full disclosure. The disclosure was published in the statutes and in the documents they were provided prior to the relationships creation. Sometimes they say, “But, I was too young to enter into such an agreement.” To that we show them that when they came of age they still gave no contest to the relationship. The bottom line, in every situation the facts and evidence show they knew or should have known the terms of the relationships when they accepted the same but they willingly entered it without contest and chose to remain ignorant of the facts and the relevant laws until their world view changed. Only then did they start to look at what’s wrong. That is when they became ripe for the predatory marketers to play on emotions. They jumped into studying the marketers twisted materials and failed once again to study the actual laws as they apply to the facts of the situation.

The real problem in the beginning was they failed to do the necessary due diligence required (study the law, its history and the facts) before they took action on the government agents instructions and now they are doing the same thing in response to the marketers’ spiel.

Our hope is, when people hear about Team Law or see the information posted on our websites and forums they will begin to see the common denominator between “doing what you are told” in spite of your ignorance, regardless of the source—acting in ignorance.

We keep telling people, “The only remedy for the problems we face in our country today is the people must awaken to the necessity of learning the law and applying it. Then they must righteously learn and apply the law from their own firsthand study and experience.” That is where Team Law comes in. Though Vzeng1 was right to refer you to our article on advice (which shows the immorality of such a practice), we can help virtually anyone with the capacity and the desire to learn; because we only help people learn how to learn the law, its history and application. We never do your work for you; yet, when our beneficiaries put forth the effort to study the law firsthand they reap the benefits of that study. And, that continues to be the only lawful remedy available for saving our country. The beauty of that remedy is, all you have to do is what you are already required to do—learn the law and apply it.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

As with all Forum posts, comments made by Admin are:
copyrighted—all rights reserved; and, provided here for educational purposes only.

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Joined: Wednesday June 9th, 2010 4:25 pm MDT

Re: Help with UCC1 filings please.

Postby Free4flight » Friday June 18th, 2010 10:12 am MDT

I appreciate the responses to my post. However, it is going to take me some time to digest some of this. Your posts seem to make it clear that you honor the law of the lawless ones. Those who use tyranny and unfair practices entrap the natural born citizens of this great country, while they themselves do not have to practice their own laws. They enslave mankind and charge mankind to use our very own roads and vehicles. Those roads and vehicles belong to us, and as far as I am concerned, they have no right to tax and charge us for something that we the people built. The constitution and the bill of rights, is suppose to protect us from such tyranny. They are a corporation for profit. Colorado Springs municipal court is corporation for profit. I looked it up in Dunn and Bradstreet. As such, they are a private corporation.

How do we stop this? I am not blind to what is going on. The bible talks about the buying and selling of souls, which is what they do. It is all out of control. I don't know you people yet, so I have to ask, what are you doing to help stop this corruption, this evil? Teaching people the law, as it exists, it's misuse and corruptions, is going to help, but is it enough? It would take me years to learn everything, to filter through the volumes and volumes of statutes and endless words that are usually not within the understanding of the common man, by purpose. I feel we need to reapply our original constitution and bill of rights and throw away anything that has been written to enslave us, the laws of the false government, the fake anti-people government, the "corporation" whose only aim is to make profit from the hard work of the people. They steal us blind from every angle. You are right, we are sovereign, but they have worked hard to take away that sovereignty. They do not want us, the people, to have any power. Look at what GWBush, the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act and Homeland Security have done to our rights. They have stripped us, of any rights and under false pretense. The 911 incident was a false flag operation, perpetrated from within our own government. Everybody knows it. They got us into war with Iraq under false pretense, under a mass amount of lies. As was/is almost every war action on this planet by almost every government. Me knowing their laws, the laws that were written after the fake government, privately held corporation started to take hold in 1871 may be helpful, if I was a lawyer; but, how is it going to help me take back my sovereignty from these criminals? There is only one thing that is going to help this country and that is that we must reapply the original form of government, the true de jour and constitutional government of 'we the people'. The one that exists there now in DC, has no real jurisdiction in the 48 states. It is illusion, how can a private corporation rule over 300 million people when they do not have real jurisdiction (it might as well be IBM telling us what to do). Their laws apply only to DC and some territories, that is easy to prove. How did this get so warped?

I cannot and will not continue down this road, and neither can our country; or, you and I will both see our complete and total demise.

I have not yet read your myths section, I will when I get time. But as I see it, the only myth that is out there is the myth that we must follow such corruption, such a false government whose only aim is to see the destruction of our country as we know it.

One more thing, my girlfriend has no defense against the corporate laws (for profit) that are designed to screw us out of our money. Right now, all we can do is: pay, pay, pay; because, I don't have the knowledge and resources in hand to fight this. As I said, it will take years to be able to get the knowledge I need. You say, just study and then apply, meanwhile, what? Just keep paying?

Why do they get away with it? Where is our true help? And how can they force us to pay for over inflated car insurance? How is that different from them forcing us to buy a national health plan that is designed to:
  1. promote disease;
  2. take away our vitamins and supplements;
  3. hide the cures for cancer, aids and other so called incurable diseases?
The system is corrupt, through and through. It disgusts me. I am not unwilling to study; and, I really do not want to spend years trying to find the remedy when the remedies are already set forth in the original constitution and bill of rights. It seems to me that what I really need to study, is the constitution and the bill of rights and then learn how to reapply them over top of and to trump the false government laws that are really nothing more than illusion.

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Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 1585
Joined: Thursday June 9th, 2005 12:16 pm MDT

Re: Help with UCC1 filings please.

Postby Admin » Friday June 18th, 2010 6:48 pm MDT

:h: Free4flight:
We can tell you have developed a good deal of passion regarding our Liberty. We can only hope to inspire that kind of passion in all of the people with whom we come in contact. That is exactly what it takes for many people to start their necessary study. However, it is necessary to focus such passion in the right direction. That direction is into firsthand study and application of the law, its history and its language; which, is exactly what we have been promoting from the very beginning.
Free4flight wrote:Your posts seem to make it clear that you honor the law of the lawless ones. Those who use tyranny and unfair practices entrap the natural born citizens of this great country, while they themselves do not have to practice their own laws.
Only after talking with you did we understand that you were not implying that we support the “tyranny” of those that you called “the lawless ones”. Reading the rest of your post and conversing with you made it clear that you were imagining that when we consistently refer to the solution to the problems we face is learning the law and applying it; you were imagining that we meant that you have to learn the impossible volumes of statutory construction that is spewed from the Corp. U.S. and corporate state legislatures literally by the tons. No. That is not what we mean when we say, “Learn the Law”. What they spew out is not law; rather, that is color of law statutory construction. Without first having a sound foundation in understanding the actual “Law” there is no hope of understanding such statutory constructions; or even whether they apply to a given set of circumstances.

Team Law provides the step by step process of the Standard for Review as the path for studying any relationship; including the law. It provides the absolute necessity of learning who the parties are (starting with self), then it goes to the necessity of learning the foundation of law, which starts with God giving mankind dominion, agency and possession (the three elements that define sovereignty) and then instructing him with law and how to use the same. Then we follow history to see what mankind does (with his authority from God) to form the government; followed by what the government did to form these corporate bodies like Corp. U.S. and the corporate states. After we understand the nature of the parties and their historical background, the Standard for Review provides the necessity of learning the law, which consists of the constitutions; which were formed by the people to both create and control the governments.

By the end of your response, it turned out, that you too understand the necessity for studying the actual law (foundational law, constitutions, etc.); which is exactly what we were telling you. Of course, you were new to Team Law when you wrote that; which is why you thought we were saying you had to learn “the lawless ones” statutes.

Once you learn the foundation of law by, following the Standard for Review, you may want to study relevant parts of such statutes to further support your work and understanding of how to control such relationships; but, without the foundation developed by following the Standard for Review, it would be nearly impossible to understand such statutory construction correctly.

The only two reasons any of the people would ever need to learn such statutory construction come into play when:
  1. You are contracting with parties under the conditions of the same.
  2. You grant authority for the formation or use of the same; that is to say, in order to maintain your control of them, you have to know what they are doing.
Still, it remains necessary to learn the foundations of law, the constitutions and their effects before anything else will have any functional meaning. Though you will never learn too much, learning those foundations is absolutely necessary to each and every man, woman and child approaching the age of accountability and beyond.

Your post provided several questions and presuppositions that we should also resolve for you:
  • The people are entrapped by others; rather, they are entrapped by their own ignorance and willingness to accept obligations without taking the effect into consideration.
  • The reason the those “lawless ones” get away with disobedience to the law is the people do not know the law; accordingly, they do not know how to hold the violators accountable to that which they do not know.
  • The people are not enslaved by their taskmasters; rather, they are enslaved by their own willing ascension, adopted in ignorance.
  • The people do not pay for the roads; rather, the Social Security Administration (hereinafter “SSA”) created trusts that bear the taxpayer identification numbers pay for the roads. The people merely lend consciousness and physical capacity to those trusts (see this link) and in their ignorance they may imagine that they are the ones that are paying. Of course, the facts of the relationships are proven by the trail of documents; those SSA created trusts are paying for the right of way (roads, etc.) upon which they travel.
  • The Constitution and Bill of Rights are merely written instruments. By themselves they can do nothing but provide a place for dust to gather. For them to have any effect, the people must know the meaning of the words written upon them; then, to use them to protect anything, the people must not only know how to use them but they must actually put them to work in accord with the law.
You asked, “How do we stop this?”
We answered, “Learn the law and apply it.”
Free4flight wrote:The bible talks about the buying and selling of souls, which is what they do. It is all out of control.
We showed you exactly how that happens with The Seduction followed by Myth 22.

You alleged that it would take you years to learn all you have to learn about the law. However, we have shown time and time again that you can learn what you need to know quite quickly in a short time if you will follow the Standard for Review. Once you have the foundation down you can start applying it and benefiting from the effect.
Free4flight wrote:Look at what GWBush, the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act and Homeland Security have done to our rights. They have stripped us, of any rights and under false pretense.
Though they would like you to believe that, nothing could possibly be further from the truth when it comes to “our rights”. Our website shows evidences of the terrorism perpetrated by the Bush crew and asks questions that go beyond theory to show Corp. U.S.’ intent in those Acts; still, none of that has any effect on your rights—if you know what they are and you know the law well enough to use them. If you do you have the power to stop them in their tracks.

Of course, you cannot resolve such problems if you do not learn our law from its foundation and then righteously apply it.

Most of those post 911 Acts only apply to the SSA created trusts; they certainly do not apply to the people. However, when the people are trained by their ignorance and circumstances to fail to distinguish between those trusts and themselves, they remain trapped by their woeful ignorance until they begin to follow the Standard for Review and learn the truth by their firsthand study of the law.

The simple fact remains; their relationship with the SSA does not limit their ability to privately act on their own in their natural capacity. Their limitation to do so comes purely from their lack of knowledge. That lack of knowledge can easily be eliminated if they will learn how to learn the law and then apply it.
Free4flight wrote:How can a private corporation rule over 300 million people?”
That’s easy, by the knowing willing contractual agreements to which all of those people agree.
Free4flight wrote:I cannot and will not continue down this road…
Good! Now is the time to face the only real remedy any of us have—learn and apply the law, firsthand.

Towards the end of your post, you addressed the ridiculousness of Corp. U.S.’ new mandatory health act. We agree. It is ridiculous. Still, we find it interesting that 17 Attorneys General from 17 corporate states have brought suits against it and not one of their constitutional complaints against it include the fact that the people do not possess the power to have granted Congress the authority to enact such a Bill. Given the simplest fact that, “all of the authority that Congress possesses comes from the people”, and the fact that the same thing goes for the President, that proves, without question: “Neither the President nor Congress has the authority to enact such an Act.”

Thus, again the solution to the problems of our day remains the very thing we have been required to do from the beginning—learn the law from your own firsthand study and experience and then apply it.

Finally, you are absolutely right in acknowledging (what our Standard for Review shows) nearly the first things you must learn are the national Constitution, the Bill of Rights and your respective State Constitution; without which you will not understand that which follows; of course, to understand them you will still have to follow the Standard for Review and start at the beginning. That foundation alone, if you learn how to lawfully apply it, has the power to restore our country to its once great state.

Again, that is what Team Law is all about: we help people learn how to learn the law (from its foundation) from their own firsthand study and experience; so, they can learn to properly apply it to save our country.

We hope this information is helpful to you and we welcome you to get involved with us.
Though the task may look overwhelming, it is actually quite a simple thing and the law is well enough quickly learned.
Get involved!
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

As with all Forum posts, comments made by Admin are:
copyrighted—all rights reserved; and, provided here for educational purposes only.

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Re: Help with UCC1 filings please.

Postby FreeManOnLand » Friday June 18th, 2010 7:01 pm MDT

Welcome to Team Law, you've found your way to a great place.

One direction:
I found myself at ease when I first found Team Law by allowing myself to throw out everything I thought I knew about what I wanted to know. Those in control have manipulated what you think you know, a very effective tool when keeping a people slaves through ignorance.

Learning the Law is not easy; but, it is not hard either. You and your wife as a Team will be able to learn so much faster from one another than if you tried to learn separately. I found that the primary bits of information are the History, without it you will not be able to make much sense of the Law.

Throw fear out the window — commit yourselves here — you'll be very glad that you did. Your self-educating experience will reach new bounds when you enter the world of Trusts; many of have found the WayOfKings.net very helpful in filling in the blanks and providing the first glimpses of light that the Law provides once it begins to be understood.

I know how I am going to fight the corruption, by holding them to the Law and being relentless in making sure that it is upheld 100%. You seem as if you are angry and will let those emotions get the better of you — don't — you will regret it; and, I will be sad for you because you will be in between a rock and a hard place. Devote your time to understanding foundational law and learning how to apply it, the private corporations will not want to infringe on your rights once you know:

In order of importance, they are all important.
  1. Who you are
  2. Who they are
  3. Real American History
  4. The Contracts that govern you both
  5. Where you are, and where they belong
(Elements of the Standard for Review — Unique to Team Law, an excellent excellent tool)

There is always more to know, but this is just giving you a small glimpse into what you will teach yourself while learning how at Team Law. If you do commit prepare yourselves for a journey of a lifetime!

Either way, best of luck!

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