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Where's the power in original jurisdiction gov't?

Use this forum for contacting Team Law regarding the original jurisdiction elections.

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Where's the power in original jurisdiction gov't?

Postby Clabianco » Tuesday August 20th, 2013 1:05 pm MDT

Back to educating the "masses" of which I am one person of those masses.

I read a little about re-electing governors, congressmen, etc. but in spite of much knowledge and good argument, how many people in the States own land. And if, for example, they elect Brown as governor of California and another group, "belonging to Teamlaw's philolosphy" elect their own governors, as has happened in the past. Where is that governor, where is his power, his exposure, his appearance in the media, etc. Where or what has he done to enlighten at least the millions of people living in California, an economically and politically strong state?

Can you reply to the practical effect of seating of Original Jurisdictional Representatives and governors and why is it that they are like "ghosts" or spirits: with no visible effect in the real world?

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Re: Where's the power in original jurisdiction gov't?

Postby Admin » Tuesday August 20th, 2013 6:41 pm MDT

:h: Clabianco:
Thank you for your inquiry.

Given that it is an impossible question to answer, we expect your question [(h)ow many people in the States own land?] was rhetorical. Nonetheless, the following answer is responsive to that question: “Millions upon millions upon millions of people are either private landowners in the United States of America; or, if they had the knowledge of the truth and a desire to instantly become such, they could cause the respective Social Security Administration created cardholding trust, they control, to grant them the landownership; which such trusts now hold.”

We have no idea of what you were referring to with the following comment:
Clabianco wrote:And if, for example, they elect Brown as governor of California and another group, "belonging to Teamlaw's philolosphy" elect their own governors, as has happened in the past.
Respectively, cannot comprehend what you meant by the phrase “belonging to Teamlaw's philolosphy”. Thus, in an attempt to unravel your above quoted statement, we will first provide you with the only thing we expect anyone could define as “Team Law’s philosophy”; is as follows:
    Team Law’s philosophy Notice:
    “We believe that in accord with Torah (Hebrew for “The Law of God”), as provided in Genesis 1, all authority on earth comes initially from our Creator (God) who gave man dominion, agency and possession; the three elements that together define Sovereignty. Which authority man used to form governments; as was done by the founding fathers when they formed the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America. Respectively, we believe that the Constitution and laws of the United States of America reserve that the people of the United States of America remain the source of all authority in said government and in the respective governments of each of the Union states that comprise that central government. Respectively, the people remain responsible to their Creator for the use of the authority the people collectively granted to said governments; which responsibility requires that the people learn and apply the law; not only to be themselves compliant; but, also to preserve that said governments do not create authoritarian powers to unlawfully extend their power beyond the authority so provided then through the respective constitutions under which they were formed. The only way for the people to accomplish that requirement to their selves, their fellow man and their Creator is to learn the law and apply it; and, the only way to do that is by firsthand study of the law, its language and its history from its source. Respectively, because we knew of no place where people could find help with that necessity for learning how to learn, Team Law was formed; and, to this day, the only thing Team Law does is help and support people as they learn how to learn and the law so they can learn to properly apply it.”
With that in mind, let’s continue:
You referred to the corporate State of California Governor Jerry Brown as if he was the original jurisdiction California Republic; however, according to law and history; the corporate State of California is not the original jurisdiction State known as the California Republic. Therefore, said Governor Brown is not the governor of said original jurisdiction State. Further, Mr. Brown makes no contest of being the original jurisdiction State governor. Further, the Governor of the original jurisdiction California Republic has no contest with Governor Brown sitting in the corporate state’s chief executive’s seat. Wherefore, we do not understand what you were referring to with your comment:
Clabianco wrote:And if, for example, they elect Brown as governor of California and another group, "belonging to Teamlaw's philolosphy" elect their own governors, as has happened in the past.
As noted above, our philosophy is the people must learn how to learn and apply the law, its history and language; however, a thorough study of those elements will show that no other group has ever followed the law to legally and lawfully elect or seat any office of either the original jurisdiction government or the corporate state. Thus, there remains no contest between any of the corporate states with their officials and the original jurisdiction State governments with their officials. According to the respective laws the original jurisdiction states each legally and lawfully formed their respective corporate state counterparts; then, the officials of those so formed corporate bodies vacated their original jurisdiction seats; leaving them vacant but available for the people of those respective original jurisdiction states to fill in accord with the laws of those respective original jurisdiction states. Respectively, in accord with our actual Philosophy, the people are required to learn the law and fill those seats; and, when they follow the actual law to do that, they will, as a matter of law, automatically restore the original jurisdiction government’s ability to control the corporate states—again, all in accord with the law.

Which brings us to the last part of your comment that we cannot comprehend:
Clabianco wrote:And if…another group…elect their own governors, as has happened in the past.
Again, we are aware of no such “other group” that has followed the law to allegedly elect “their own governors”. Nonetheless, we are aware of many groups (like the once popular (now nearly defunct) one Tim Turner took over, which they called: “Republic of the united States” and the many organizations that its followers broke off into then that organization failed) that, absent any actual effort to learn or follow the actual laws of the nation, or of its states, have claimed to form “government(s)”. Tim Turners claim to be the nations’ President came not from the laws of our nation; he allegedly got his authority by claiming it as a result of an action he filed in the UN’s international court in The Hague, of The Netherlands (when the Corp. U.S. President did not respond Turner alleged that made him the President). However, when Tim Turner was jailed for crimes he was convicted of in the United States many offshoot organizations were formed claiming themselves to be things like one so formed here in Colorado. It followers call it the “Colorado Free State”. Recently, one of their followers (claiming to be a Colorado Free State, District Court Judge) was shot to death due to his apparent flight from a corporate State of Colorado police officer; the underlying disagreement he was apparently fleeing from was related to a traffic ticket he was contesting in the Mesa County Court. Such situations are ridiculous! None of the people following after such hype based protester organizations can claim to be following the constitutions or laws of either our nation’s original jurisdiction governments or the laws of the corporate bodies that most of the people in the United States of America think of as their government. Respectively, Team Law cannot respond for any such organizations or what they do.

As to the original jurisdiction governors Team Law has tracked for many years as they follow the actual, on the books, constitutions and laws of the original jurisdiction states; all of those governors followed the laws of their respective State to timely run and win the gubernatorial election in their State.

Respectively, if your question was intended to ask about those lawfully elected governors (like the original jurisdiction Governor of the California Republic) we will address those questions here for those governors regardless of the State for which they were elected; respectively:
Clabianco wrote:Where is that governor, where is his power, his exposure, his appearance in the media, etc.
The answers to those questions are as follows, presented in the order they appeared in your question:
    The governor’s office is the office of the chief executive of the State where they serve. As such, the governor’s primary function is to control the government and make sure that the government does not violate any of the laws of the State of Nation. The authority of the State comes from the State Constitution as it is formed under, and in accord with, the Constitution of the United States of America. The constitutions grant no power to the respectively formed governments to govern the people; rather, they provide collective authority from the individually sovereign people to act in accord with the provisions of such constitutions to manage and carry out the duties of said governments. Respectively, the governor has virtually no capacity to limit or control the people; rather, the governor officiates in his office so to manage the government. Thus, given that each of the original jurisdiction State and Federal governments around the country are currently nearly vacant of all officers except for the Governor and possibly one or two other officers, those governors have little to do of notoriety each live where they choose; wherefore:
    1. Those Governor’s usually live where they desire, going about the affairs of life much like any other person does with little or no fanfare—at this point in time it is most important to simply follow the law to seat each State’s Governor in the office and then take no overt action to seat the balance of the State government until all of the original jurisdiction governors are so seated; because only then, will each State have the capacity to seat its respective United States congressional seats (a necessary component for reseating the original jurisdiction national government in accord with the Constitution of the United States of America).
    2. The power of each officer in government is found in the Constitution and laws of that State or of the national government.
    3. There is no reasonable cause for any State Governor to expose themselves in any way other than as may be necessary to perform their primary function; thus, we would hope each Governor would avoid any undue exposure.
    4. Respectfully, though we would expect virtually no media exposure of the original jurisdiction governors, when our Trustee served as the Governor of the original jurisdiction State known as: “Colorado”; there were several news reports where he testified in court or was otherwise reviewed by news reporters; all of which reports favorably recognized his capacity as Governor.
Regarding said Governor of the California Republic, your final question asked: “(W)hat has he done to enlighten at least the millions of people living in California, an economically and politically strong state?”

We again remind you that the Governor’s Office provides no authority or capacity for the Governor to limit, control or otherwise govern the people of the State; respectively, the Governor is not required to nor can he or she be compelled to enlighten or otherwise interfere with the people of the State that the Governor serves. Again, the government was formed by the people, and collectively (through the Constitution) provided only sufficient authority (from the people) to accomplish the purposes defined within the Constitution that so formed the government. Thus, the responsibility for governing and/or educating the people rests upon the people themselves; and, not upon the government so formed.

We have seen judges in the Corp. U.S. system of government question that last statement alleging that their courts power to summon extends beyond that limitation; but, it does not. Respectively, when those judges were shown that all summoning power of government (even in the courts) comes from trespass. Accordingly, whenever any trespass (civil, administrative or criminal) is allegedly committed, a charging party charges the court or other agency with the allegation of the trespass; and, if that charge provides a reasonable cause of action the reviewing court (or other body) takes the responsibility and obligation the trespasser granted (to the party trespassed upon) when the alleged trespass was made and uses that obligation (agreed to and naturally obligated by the trespass itself) to summon the trespasser. Respectively, any party that so trespasses against any other party charges the court, etc. with the authority to summon in accord with the alleged trespassers obligation to make the trespass right. Of course, if the charges are not meritorious then the party that was wrongfully alleged to have trespassed will have been trespassed against and can take action to be compensated for that trespass as well.

We hope you can see, from this response, that the Governor’s office is that of the chief executive of the State and as such the Governor’s authority does not extend to any right or privilege of governing the people.

Of course, the key to such understanding is found more in a firsthand study of the law itself than in any response we can provide; and that realization should more than anything else prove the necessity for each of us to learn and apply the actual law itself rather than just following along after some pied piper like the self proclaimed Tim Turner.

Your final question asked if we can provide “the practical effect of seating the original jurisdiction government. Again, the answer to that question seems far too obvious to actually need a response; just look around you at what has been going on around you in America for at least the last 13 years!

Do you really believe that the destruction that was caused by aircraft on that fateful day at the turn of this century was accomplished by foreign terrorists? I mean, really, given that everyone on any of those aircraft are dead, doesn’t it seem a bit odd that the so call terrorists that still remain of the FBI’s list of those that hijacked, piloted and controlled said aircraft (as they were flown into the buildings etc.) were later proven to be alive and well (some of whom had never even been in the United States before; none of whom were on the airline passenger lists, all of which have passengers identities have since been confirmed)? Or, does it seem more realistic that those events were an inside job designed to inspire Congress into passing the unconstitutional Patriot Act, five days later followed by the equally unconstitutional Homeland Security Act a month latter?

The question is, when will it stop? When will “the government” stop its path to fully control the people and every aspect of our lives?

The answer to both questions is the same: “It will only stop when the people refuse to cooperate with that path. Thus, the real question is would you rather remain ignorant of the law and follow either Corp. U.S. as they continue to destroy our nation and your rights along with it or some pied piper like Tim Turner as they lead you astray down some rabbit hole or would you rather learn how to learn the law and apply; so, you can participate in the lawful process of restoring our original jurisdiction government that already y has all of the controls over Corp. U.S. to compel them back into operation in accord with the already established laws of our Constitutional Republic?

That is the practical effect of the people using the law to reseat the original jurisdiction government—we get our Constitutional Republic back. We get our actual gold and silver monetary system back. The income tax system is lawfully eliminated. And, much much more.

However, until we lawfully reseat all of the original jurisdiction Governors, they cannot reseat the original jurisdiction Congress; which is constitutionally required for electing or reseating the original jurisdiction President of the United States of America; and, of course, that President is necessary for appointing judges to the nation’s original jurisdiction Supreme Court. So, until the original jurisdiction governors are all reseated you can expect all of the original jurisdiction government officials to seem like they have no visible effect in the real world. Yet once they are reseated, you can expect that all lawful government functions will be returned to the original jurisdiction government while Corp. U.S. and its lawful services will be, almost immediately, reigned in to comply with the provisions of the Constitution of the United States of America.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

As with all Forum posts, comments made by Admin are:
copyrighted—all rights reserved; and, provided here for educational purposes only.

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Re: Where's the power in original jurisdiction gov't?

Postby Clabianco » Thursday September 25th, 2014 5:11 pm MDT

Thanks for your thorough reply.
I am humbled by my lack of knowledge which I will remedy.

By the way, Is not the true title of our original constitution
The Constitution For The United States of America?


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Re: Where's the power in original jurisdiction gov't?

Postby Copacetic » Thursday September 25th, 2014 5:18 pm MDT


You will find the answer to your question on Team Law's Patriot Mythology Page under Myth 19.
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