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Quo Warranto for California

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Quo Warranto for California

Postby Vlopez1234 » Monday February 12th, 2018 5:23 pm MST

I have learned so much from you.

It is my hope that a large group of Californians demand that the Senators Harris and Feinstein immediately investigate bank executives and certain attorneys who have violated Public Trust by not disclosing to us that many homeowners were placed in a Licensing Agreements confirmed by MERS NationsBank Security Agreement and not home loans. We - homeowners have not violated the Trust terms and conditions -- it is these bankers and attorneys who have not been acting in good faith.

Also, demand investigation of certain ex-bofa attorney who took control of a US BK Court room in Santa Ana California Catherine Bauer...so she thinks she is QUEEN of Orange County CA. Bauer harms many families and individuals like myself who request for BK 13 re-organization and Bauer out of personal reasons denies people ability to reorganize. The stories of many related to Bauer are a night mare. Bauer thinks she is untouchable.

In my eyes - the executives of trusts who have lent their conscience have made strong efforts to resolve obvious problems i.e. why are attorneys filing falsified documents to take homes, why did bank people did not tell us that we were taking on a licensing agreement whereby we rented out under a sophisticated patent and trademark agreement our name and signature so bank people could open up varied investments i.e. insurance annuities...all spelled out in MERS Nations Bank Security Agreement.'

I will be asking someone to sponsor me to become a beneficiary as I really want to work with you to see this dream of curtailing the corruption in California....others are behind me.

Thank you so much! I feel a sense of freedom now ....and it will only grow as I learn. Piercing the corporate veil!!

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Site Admin
Site Admin
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Re: Quo Warranto for California

Postby Admin » Monday February 12th, 2018 6:37 pm MST

:h: Vlopez1234:
The title of your post was “Quo Warranto for California”; yet, the message itself contains nothing that might in any way relate to a cause for a Quo Warranto action. However, you raised this topic on our Conference Call recently and we addressed it there. In that call we went over a few items related to your inquiry in the hope of helping you understand two things:
  1. The importance of learning how to learn the law and then actually studying the law itself, its language and history; so, you can then actually apply the law.
  2. The dangers in developing support for others due to a consensus view held by others.
    • This danger is magnified by publications found on the internet in social media outlets, blogs, etc. You can identify this danger by always sticking to the facts, laws and applying what you have learned when you learn how to learn the law.
Normally we would not allow a post that was given a title that is not reflected in the post itself (see: Rule 14); however, in this case the post was: initially posted on the forum as a private message to Admin; discussed openly on our Conference Call; and, is of sufficient importance to others that we moved it to the Open Forum for our reply.

Let’s look at the allegation that some matter herein might justify a Quo Warranto action. To review that cause, we first need to review the topic Quo Warranto to learn what that cause of action is all about. From that review you will recall the term: “Quo Warranto” is a Latin term that is translated: “By what authority”. The action applies to officers acting in governments or businesses; and, it is proper when the answer to any one, or more, of three questions is: “Yes”; those questions are:
  1. Did the officer acquire the office unlawfully?
  2. Did the officer fail to do anything the office required them to do?
  3. Did the officer do anything forbidden from them while in the office?
If the answer to any of those questions is: “Yes”, then Quo Warranto applies and the action only has one remedy—that is: oustal from office.

Respectfully, the inquiry made no allegation regarding such an impropriety of any such officer(s). Wherefore, Quo Warranto does not apply. Whether of not you like such officers or whether they act in a manner that fits with your opinions of how they should act will never rise to a Quo Warranto cause of action.

Even when elements of contractual agreements are made public by the recording of Deeds, etc. in the public record that does not change the terms of those agreements from private to public. Respectively, it does not give government officials the responsibility of violating the Constitution by interfering with the terms of those contracts. Therefore, even if you could get a large group of people to demand that certain Senators investigate such a matter you could not make those Senators responsible to a Quo Warranto action because they chose not to follow such a group’s demands. Senators are immune from prosecution for their opinions and actions as Senators/Legislators.

When people enter into contracts their acceptance of the same implies that they knew or should have known the terms and condition of those contracts. Thus, their post signature claim that they did not understand the disclosure of the terms of the agreement that indicated that the party that loaned the funds could sell the note securing the loan to others is a moot point. Again, by their agreement they admit that they knew or should have known the terms of the agreement. Therefore, unless the referenced MERS Agreement is a direct violation of the laws of the Nation and/or the State; there is likely no cause of action that will prevail against the terms of your agreement—no matter how many people are displeased.

In law, no one cares about your opinion. Only the facts and controlling laws can prove a violation worthy of a court action for remedy. Thus, regardless of how many people don’t like what a person (like your reference to the attorney in Santa Ana) is doing, unless you can show a clear violation of law, or the practice of law by that person, you will have no cause of action that will succeed against them. Again, the key to such things is your knowledge of the law and the facts of the case.

We cannot comprehend your allegation that you rented out your name and signature; such an authority is not rentable.

Because your need to learn how to learn the law is clearly evident in your post, if you have a group of followers, in your State, they are all is the same boat—the blind leading the blind by their consensus. That will not get you anywhere. Respectively, Team Law can only help you if you realize the necessity that you:
  1. Learn how to learn the law;
  2. Apply that learning to actuall study and learn the law, its language and history; and
  3. Apply the law on-point with your needs.
Only then can you become free. Once you become Team Law beneficiaries, Team Law can help you to so learn.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

As with all Forum posts, comments made by Admin are:
copyrighted—all rights reserved; and, provided here for educational purposes only.

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