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Initially our main menu linked directly to the The Miracle Molecule page; however, after getting a call or two asking why we posted this link, we inserted this page to answer that question.  Of course, you can skip this answer and go directly to the The Miracle Molecule page via this link or by clicking on the logo at the left.

Team Laws Purpose

Team Law’s primary purpose has always been to help people learn how to learn the law from their own firsthand experience studying the law from its source.  Not only is that the only way anyone can truly know the law, but, it is also the only way people can truly discover how to restore and preserve our nation in accord with the law.  However, Team Law’s first eighteen years of service made us realize that in order to accomplish our purpose we have to help the people believe, not only that learning the law is possible, but that they can succeed in its lawful application.  Respectively, we realized most people need to change their mindset to envision a positive future where they believe they can realize their hopes and dreams of success; they have to believe our nation can be restored with peace and prosperity by learning, applying and following the law.

Of course, one of the principle limitations with people envisioning and realizing such prosperity is the fact that we have remained in a continual recession since the late 1960s.  Certainly, people today often have more things than they did back then; and, technology has improved in that time.  But, back then, only one person had to work in a household to make ends meet.  Anyone that wanted a job could get one and still only about 37% of the population was employed; that was because most of the fathers worked and most of the mothers stayed home to take care of the family.  Back then, children rarely ever worked so they could afford to go to school.  Today, virtually the entire household (from High School Freshmen up) has to work to survive and, even with that, reports say about 98% of the population is in some kind of financial difficulty.

Though restoring our original jurisdiction Constitutional Republic form of government will resolve all of that, for now, we must ask, what each of us can do to make our lives recession proof and restore hope in our personal financial futures?

Team Laws Success Network

Team Law opened our Success Network for three primary reasons:

  1. This is the first year all of the conditions were available such that we could reseat the Electoral College and actually hold an election for the President of the United States of America in its original jurisdiction and in accord with the Constitution and laws of the nation;
  2. To hold such an election we have to create a large network of people to that are aware of the truth and that have sufficient financial success to be able to fund an original jurisdiction election; and,
  3. Most importantly, the people needed a source where they can come together without cost and learn how to enhance their lives with all of the successes they desire, a place where they can, if they have the desire, come and (without funds)get a fresh start; where they can learn how to be successful even if they are not already successful!

When the network opened, we found that most of the applicants listed that they desire more financial success.  As noted, one of the reasons Team Law opened the Success Network was because we are at the point where we need to expand the peoples’ awareness of our work to help the people re-seat the original jurisdiction government; however, to actually hold that original jurisdiction election with all of the people that need to be there to make it effective will cost something in the neighborhood of a million dollars.  Thus, we also need more financial resources to aid the people in accomplishing that task.

As noted on our Home page, no politician or political party is going to resolve the current recession; regardless what party or politician is waiving their campaign slogans, the people cannot rely on that source for resolving the recession (or any other such problem)—the people must become self-reliant.

Accordingly, the only true remedy to a recession is the people have to generate financial resources faster than the recession is growing; and that is where The Miracle Molecule comes in.  Assuming this meets your core values and standards, we ask a simple question:

  • If there was a guaranteed risk free business plan that could put you on track of $5,000 a month income, 3 months from now, would you want to know about it?  Yes or No?
  • Click here to answer: “Yes, tell me more!”

When you click “Yes” to answer that question, you will be taken to a page on the Miracle Molecule website where you can provide your contact information so that you can start taking advantage of this opportunity; from there Roxanna will give you incredible support and an amazing risk free guaranteed—it is incredible—there is truly nothing else like it anywhere; and, the program presented is designed to get those results from about two hours a day three days a week.

Long before this program existed, Team Law was providing its “Introduction to Wealth” and “Mastering Wealth Building Strategies” trainings (which are found on our Order Form); so it should be clear that we have both the expertise and the resources to help people learn how to become financially successful.  The Success Network can help anyone achieve success with any lawful endeavor, financially based or not; yet, when people come to us needing help developing or enhancing their financial plans because they simply don’t know how, this program is an incredible place to start.  It is even an incredible way to add to anything you are already doing.

Though Team Law is not affiliated with The Miracle Molecule program, our Trustee is alive today because of the products the program provides (for the full story, see the link); we are simply thankful both that such a program exists and that it is so well suited to those that desire greater financial success.  Thus, when people come to our Success Network with a desire for more financial success but without a specific plan, we send them to RMHelpingHearts Miracle Molecule sign up page as a perfect business opportunity for quickly improving their lives and their health.  Still, the most exciting thing about that business opportunity isn’t even the financial success (which is great), it’s watching people as they share with you their life saving experiences (like our Trustee’s; without which Team Law would no longer exist).  Respectively, that is why we put The Miracle Molecule link on our main menu.

We hope you take the chance to appreciate the opportunity.

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